Pinterest For Pet Professionals

Why Is Pinterest Good for Your Business?

Pinterest is like Google, but instead is a purely visual platform.

It’s reported that Pinterest is the second highest source of traffic to websites behind Google.

People go onto to Pinterest and search for items they are looking for in their life. Gifts for themselves, recipe tips, pet products, wedding ideas, storage ideas. Anything really that relates to the lifestyle that they want.

Images on Pinterest are called Pins. These are what people share onto different boards and then they are linked back to your website.

When people see something that they like they can click on the ‘Pin’ and it will lead them straight back to your website. They can also repin your content onto other boards that they create.

For example, if I am organising my wedding I might re pin on to my Wedding Board images of dresses, venues, hotels, doggie wedding outfits, a guide to having your dog at your wedding etc.

Because of the way people save content on Pinterest you don’t need to have lots of followers you just need to make sure that your Pins are interesting and ‘Pinnable’.

This is largely because if you create a pin that is designed well, useful and interesting to people then Pinterest Users will keep pinning it for years.


Stats on Pinterest

79% people on Pinterest are Female.

88% of people purchase a product that they pinned.

It’s reported that Pinterest is the second highest source of traffic to websites behind Google.


Setting Up Your Pinterest Account.

#1. Create a Business Account

You need to open a business account as there are additional features that you can use that will give you more information about your account and its performance.

Visit and select join as a business.

If you already have a personal account, then you can convert it to a business account.

#2. Confirm Your Website

Once you do this you can see analytics about your account.

This can be confirmed in the settings of your account.

#3. Set Up Rich Pins

This links extra information from your website to your Pinterest account making your account more engaging and interesting.

To set Rich Pins up:

  1. Install Yoast SEO onto your website.
  2. Once installed visit the following section in your website dashboard – SEO/Social/Click on Facebook Tab
  3. Select ‘Add Open Graph Meta Data’ and Save
  4. Visit Rich Pins Validator and follow the instructions.


How to Set Up Your Profile

Profile Name

You can use your own name and your business name.

Profile Picture

Use a photo of you so that you can create a personal connection with people.

Profile Bio

What are you going to provide your audience, what are you going to help them with and include a CTA (What do you want them to do?)

Note – Make sure to include keywords to describe what you do.

Select Showcase Items

These are the 5 boards that rotate in a carousel at the top of your account. Choose boards that are relevant to your own business and work.

Creating Boards

  1. Name Your Board
  2. Choose a Category
  3. Decide if you want it secret or not. (Sometimes personal items that you want to save work well on a secret board)

Writing a board description

Make sure that you use relevant keywords in your board titles and explain what someone will get from following your board.

Make it clear, but make it easy to find in search results.

Note – Pinterest is a search engine of its own.


Choose a cover photo for your board.

If you want to change the main image that displays on your board then go to Edit Your Board in the board settings and click cover. You can then scroll through to pick your favourite image to display.

Organising Your Boards

You should make sure your top row of boards is most relevant to what you do. These are the boards that people will see first. (You can move boards around by dragging and dropping them)

What is it you want your followers to do first? What do you want to be known for as a Pinterest account?

Have boards that are just about your brand – for blogs, interviews, testimonials etc.

Create Seasonal Board – for example Valentines, Easter, Christmas etc.


Creating A Good Pinterest Image

Because Pinterest is a visual platform it’s important to make sure that you create awesome images.

  • Your images need to be taller than they are wide so that they take up more space in Pinterest and are therefore more eye catching.
  • Use great photos for your images. People particularly like lifestyle images. So, if you were selling a dog collar the image would do better if there was a dog wearing it and a person smiling.
  • Use text overlay for the title of the Pin if you need to explain what the Pin is about.
  • Also, make sure that you brand your Pins. Use your brand colours and style so that people start to recognise you and your pins.
  • Include your logo and/or URL on your images so you always maintain ownership of that image. (Just in case someone repins without crediting it back to your link)

Note – you can use the Pinterest Template Image in Canva or Pic Monkey to create your Pinterest images and then just embed them into your blog posts.


Examples of Popular Pins

A ‘How To Post’ is a great way to entice people to click on your Pin. The images are very clear and show you what the article is about.

It’s also well branded to the account.


This post is really appealing for a dog lover. The colours are bright and even thought there is no text overlay the pictures speak for themselves.

 Writing a Good Pin Description

Explain what the pin is about and make it compelling so people will want to click on it and re pin it.

Also, include keywords, but ensure you keep it reader friendly.

Make sure when you upload your Pinterest image to your blog post that you fill in the Pinterest description you wan
t to use in the photo description. That way if someone Pins from your website then the description of the Pin will be included as well.




There are 2 ways to Pin your own content

  1. Directly from your website
  2. Upload the Image directly to Pinterest

Note – if you are uploading directly to Pinterest then make sure you link to your blog post/information it relates to. You always want the Pin to direct someone back to your own website. Uploading images direct to Pinterest is a great way to test multiple images to one blog post to see which drives most traffic to your blog.


Step 1




Step 2



Step 3

 Doing Keyword Research

When you are searching for keywords you will automatically see more keywords below that people are searching.

This will give you ideas for more pins, as these are things people are searching for.

For example, people are searching for Dog Breeds, Dog Stuff, Dog Food etc.



What Titles Work on Pinterest

Being helpful and useful is always key on Pinterest to get Pinterest users to click through to your website.

Titles like the following always work well as people can see they are going to learn something.

  • How To X
  • 5 Ways To X
  • 3 Things You Can Do To X
  • The Ultimate Guide To X


Top Pinterest Tips

  • Be A Resource for Pet Lovers.
  • Pin your own pins as well as others. Be a source of information for people.
  • Only pin quality items that your followers will love and will help/be useful to your audience.
  • Clear out unpopular pins from time to time, or ones you pinned and now don’t match the image of your account. Don’t be afraid to get rid of boards also if you don’t think they are popular.
  • Pin little and often – quality over quantity.
  • Re pin your own Pins for more exposure. Always delete the old one so that are not multiple pins that are the same.
  • Make sure you have pin it buttons on your website.
  • Install the Pin It extension of your website tool bar.
  • Follow and learn from other Pinterest accounts. They don’t need to be a Pet Company.


Have fun with Pinterest! But manage the time you spend on there. It’s easy to get lost in Pinterest for hours!