Hiring Staff For Your Pet Sitting Business

Attracting the right staff through your ads and content.

Is Your Business Ready For Staff?

When I started my Pet Sitting business I hired very early on in the business. I knew from the start that I would never be able to have the life that I wanted if I was Pet Sitting and Dog Walking all the time. Also I really wanted to market the business and I knew that was going to take time and consistent effort.

Only you can decide when the time it right for you.

But, before you start advertising for staff  I would advise that you sit down and decide at what point financially you can afford to do this and research all the costs involved.

For example do you need to increase your rates to be able to hire? Perhaps what you are currently charging is not enough to cover the cost of having help. Do you have systems in place that your staff can follow easily? 

What I do need you to understand though is that if you do not grow your business through your marketing efforts you may never be in a position to hire people to work for you. Having staff means you have a responsibility to keep growing and attracting new clients. If you are offering someone a position with your company you should be adding a steady stream of new clients all the time.

Marketing your business will allow you to:

  • Attract a steady stream of clients
  • Grown your brand
  • Attract staff to your business

If someone joined your company wanting to earn $1000 per month and the business is not growing to allow them to achieve that, it won’t be long before they leave. (Note – it is important to set clear expectations about earnings when you hire – don’t mislead people into thinking they are going to make millions!)

Action Item: Have you started to work through the training modules in Academy to grow your business? If not, you need to be spending at least 30 minutes per day working through those modules and implementing the strategies I teach.

Who Is Your Ideal Employee?

In order for you to attract the right people to work for you, you need to be clear who you want to work for you. This doesn’t have to be just one type of person, there could be many profiles of people that would be a perfect fit.

For example you may decide retired business owners AND college students work well for you, but that mid 35 females with kids don’t because they have too many commitments.

Start to consider the profile of the person, or people, you want to attract.

Write down their:

  • Age
  • Attitude – are they a positive person, are they enthusiastic and keen to learn
  • Lifestyle – for example do they have an active lifestyle, like to walk, play sport
  • Interests – what TV programmes do they like, where do they spend their time
  • Hobbies – do they have a lot of hobbies that will take up their time, for example a regular commitment every Tues/Thurs evening
  • Family Commitments – who do they have in their life that will take up their time
  • Ability to use technology – do you need someone tech savy
  • Life goals – do they want their own business or are they someone who likes to work for others, are they a follower or a leader
  • Skills – do you want them to have experience taking care of pets, first aid trained (Note – I think you can teach all this after they are hired)

This exercise is going to be extremely important for you to have done when it comes to setting up your Ads – as you will need to know who you want to target, what type of person they are and the level of commitment/availability you want from them. It will also help you when come to interview someone, as you are able to see if they fit your ideal staff member profile – or are close to being ideal!

Remember, this could change throughout the growth of your business. What works in the early days might not suit you as your business grows. Don’t be afraid to change with your business.


Hiring Tips For Business Owners  http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/7155-startup-hiring-tips.html

Where To Recruit Staff?

You never know where the perfect staff member is going to come from, and if they will even work out to be perfect, but you can make sure that you are placing your ads in the right places.

I would strongly recommend that you have a regular campaign for hiring people. Take a look at how you want to grow your business over the year and then anticipate when you will need additional staff. That way you can hire in advance of an immediate need for them. It stops panic hiring, which generally leads to hiring the wrong people.

Tip – If you are marketing and growing your business, and have goals for the number of new customers you want to attract, then you will be able to forecast when you will need staff.

Advertising Ideas

  • Networking in your local area
  • Online Groups
  • Niche Jobs Boards
  • Craiglist
  • Linkedin
  • Jobs boards – like Monster, Carebuilder
  • Blog about the job
  • Facebook Ads

Creating Facebook Ads

There are 2 ways to do Facebook Ads for hiring, either a regular Facebook Advert or a Boosted Post. (see videos below)

Whichever you do, you need to make sure you send the person to a specific page on your website which gives them very clear instructions on what they need to do.

Steps to placing an ad

#1. Write the ad you are going to use.

The purpose of your ad is to get the potential applicant onto your landing page to tell them about the job. Make the ad enticing to get people to click through. If you have set your targeting on Facebook up correctly, based on your profile of an ideal staff member, only those types of people should be seeing your ads.

Include the benefits of working with you in the advert. Don’t focus on the things that you want them to do, instead highlight that they have fantastic working Hiring Adconditions and fun colleagues to hang out with.

Also, make sure you have an amazing image which will make people want to apply.

For example: Love to work with pets? Ideal job for animal lover looking for flexible working hours

Of course you should mention the hours you need people for each day and other specific commitment requirements you have – but these should be on your landing page once they have come through from your ad.

If you place them all on your ad people won’t read them anyway, they need to be on the landing page as part of a step by step guide what they need to do to apply.

Tip – the image you use on your ad should also appear on the landing page. It ties the ad and the landing page together and creates trust.

#2. Create the landing page which gives more details of the job and what they can expect when working with you.

The purpose of the landing page is to step by step tell the applicant what the job is and what they need to do to apply.

For example

  1. Step 1 – Firstly check you meet the following criteria before you apply (you could include things like hours they need to be available, if they need transport etc)
  2. Step 2 – Understand what the job is about (you can include all the details of what will be expected of them if they work for you, things like walking dogs for x hours per day or cleaning kitty litter etc) Don’t make this section something that will turn people off the job, but rather explain to them the role.
  3. Step 3 – Outline exactly how you want them to apply. For example do you want them to fill in an online application, send their CV etc.
  4. Step 4 – Explain next steps. For example will they hear if they are successful or not, when are you interviewing, do you have immediate vacancies etc. As I mentioned earlier I recommend recruiting all year round, rather than hiring in panic mode.

 #3. Test your ads/landing page

With any ads or landing pages you create you need to test them. If you are finding the wrong type of people are applying then look at your targeting on Facebook. If you find everyone who applies doesn’t have the flexibility you want them to have then make it clearer on your landing page what you are looking for.

If no-one is applying look at the copy on your ad and you landing page. Are you making it sound too hard? Are you putting people off?

Look at the cost per click on your ad and see how you can reduce it. Work out from that what an application is costing you, and more importantly what a good application is costing you. Do you know how much it costs you to hire someone?

If you have a year round hiring campaign you should be analysing these costs and making the process as efficient and cost effective as possible.

Facebook Ad

Boosted FB Post

Interviewing Staff

There are so many different approaches you can take with this.

  1. Phone interview before you meet
  2. In person interviews only
  3. 2 interviews and then a trial period

It really is a personal choice and what you feel would work best for you. We do a phone interview first followed by an in person meeting. For us it works well as it gives us a sense of whether the person might be worth meeting with.

Note – please make sure when you are interviewing people that you research what questions you can and cannot ask potential candidates.

Motivating and Retaining Staff

A lot of your success in this area comes down to whether you spend time to determine who you want in your business. If you are clear about the type of person you want and then spend time attracting those types of people to you then in most cases you will have a staff member that is committed to working for you.

However, you still need to find out what motivates your staff and how you can meet each staff member expectations.

Remember everyone is different and will need to be treated as such. Some people are purely motivated by money and others like to feel appreciated. Others just want to turn up, do a good job and get paid.

To a certain extent I think you can make this part of the job easier for yourself by setting clear expectations about the job BEFORE you hire people. If you hire someone who thinks within 6 months they are going to get a big pay rise and be in their own boss then you have a problem. You will never motivate that person.

The same way if you tell someone they will have full time work within 2 months and they don’t then they will be dissatisfied and leave. Just like customers move from being happy to unhappy very quickly if their needs are not met, the same will happen with your staff.

Some of the following can help to motivate staff

  • Team events – evenings out, annual events, lunches etc.
  • Reward systems – voucher for the person who gets the most referrals for the month or gets the most new clients.
  • Verbal praise – thanking someone for a job well done can be the most motivating thing you can do
  • More responsibility and involvement – perhaps you want to offer them more responsibility as a team leader, or new hire trainer.

Below are some articles which will help you understand the needs of different types of employees and how you can meet them.

There is only so much you can do to motivate staff. Ultimately they need to want to work for you as well. This is why year round hiring is so important as you will find that people do move on to do other things in their life and rather than being stressed by this move then you can be prepared for it.


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