Facebook Engagement

There is absolutely no point in posting to Facebook unless you are creating engagement. We want people to like, comment, and share your posts. Make sure you are doing the following things on every post.

Everything you post should create an update which will make people want to engage with that post. NEVER post a picture without a written update. You are not just throwing out content and hoping for the best, you want to interact with people.

For example, if I am posting a blog post with a good image about making homemade dog treats then here is an example of a good and a bad status update.


I had the most fun today making these for my dogs and they LOVED them. AND good news is they are super easy to make. Tell me if your dog enjoys them! (we love to see pictures too!). Happy Baking. ~Kate


Here is my blog about homemade dog treats. Please read and share with all your friends.

Do you see the difference? I am telling people it was fun, easy and you can do it too. I am assuming they will and asking them to share with me. I personalise it with my name and a smiley face. Note I do not ask them to share it!

Some Yummy Homemade Dog Treats! Let me know if you try them out on your dog!

Posted by Pet Sitters Ireland on Friday, July 17, 2015

Personalise your posts

When you are replying to comments on your Facebook page, always personalise them. People will tend to reply to a ‘person’ rather than a brand. For example, I always add ~ Kate 🙂 at the end of comments. When I do that, I find it starts a conversation.

For example, if I post asking where your dog likes to sleep and someone posts a picture of their dog on the sofa, I will always reply back saying something like:

“Ahh, that looks like a really comfy spot that Buster (try to always use the pet’s name) has found. Super cute!” ~Kate 🙂

Personalize your posts.

Tip – if someone is being negative about anything then ALWAYS respond and put your name. People respond much better when they realise you are a person as opposed to just a moderator of a page. We’ll talk about dealing with complaints later.

Use emojis

I really love using emojis. Facebook is extremely busy and emojis are eye catching and make people smile. There is no need to overuse them, but carefully placed in your posts they can actually make you stand out on the crowded newsfeed.

Be creative with them. If you are posting a blog post, why not use the PC emoji? If you are asking people to call you then use the phone emoji.


If you use Chrome Browser then this is a great emoji plugin Emoji Input.
If not, then this is another site you can copy and paste them from – PiliApp.

When and How to Post

The great thing about Facebook is that you can use FB insights to see exactly when your followers are most active on FB. This can then help you decide when the best time to post is.

Boost your reach doing the tasks below:

  • Create an engaging status update.
  • Personalise your posts.
  • Use Emojis
  • Choose Scheduling Tools

As a general rule, though, you should think about when people are mostly likely to be online – so morning, mid-morning, lunch, mid-afternoon, and evening.

Posting can be done manually and also via third party software. I would, however, recommend scheduling your Facebook posts for maximum efficiency.

I use MeetEdgar to schedule my Evergreen Facebook posts. These are posts that can be recycled and reused any time of the day or year.

If I have a particular promotion running then I use the inbuilt Facebook Scheduler to schedule those once off posts.

There are people that will tell you that FB penalises you for using third party scheduling software, however there doesn’t seem to be any real stats to confirm this one way or another – so I would recommend you use the scheduler to push out your quality content and then work on interacting with the followers that engage with you.

Other scheduling tools include:

FB Ads

When you decide to run FB ads there are 2 things that I would recommend you do before you start

  1. Decide on the purpose of your ads.
  2. Set your budget.

What is the Purpose of Your Ads?

Like Campaign. This is a campaign to get people to like your Facebook page.

If you are doing a Like campaign, it needs to be very niche to the specific ideal customer you are targeting. You only want people on your page who are potential customers. Having 10,000 Facebook likes might make you feel good, but if they are not pet owners that are in the market for your services then you might as well not have them there.

A good number of followers does certainly give you an amount of social proof and gives the impression of a large and successful company. However, this is only true if they are interacting with you and are the right type of followers.

You can also run ads to target your existing followers, which can work out cheaper than targeting general Facebook users as they have already liked your Facebook page and have shown an interest in your business already.

Facebook also allows you to create lookalike audiences of people similar to those who currently like your Facebook page.

So, done correctly, there are a lot of reasons to have a healthy Facebook fan base.

Facebook Like Ad

Lead Generation Campaign.

To direct people to take a certain action, for example, sign up to your e-book, submit a job application, complete an enquiry form.

In this case, you should always try to use a Facebook tracking pixel so that you can track the number of conversions you get. For example, how many people clicked on your ad then went on to complete an enquiry form about your services?

Start with a low budget and monitor the cost per conversion. The aim is to make your ad so targeted that only your ideal customers see them and contact you.

Website conversion example

FB Ad Images

For any ad campaign you should use custom images you make on either Canva or PicMonkey.

Don’t use the stock images within Facebook as they will do nothing for your ad campaign. Make sure you are always going back to promoting what is in it for your customers and not how great you are. That type of ad will be a lot more successful.