Email Marketing Module

In this months training, we are learning how to build an email list of people to market to that are NOT existing customers. People that you can build a relationship with over time, through your quality content, and ultimately some of whom will become customers.

Reasons To Start An Email List

What’s your why? This is something I ask myself every time I consider adding a new marketing activity to my business. There are so many new ways to market your business popping up all the time and you can’t do everything, so when you consider doing something it’s important to think why you want to do it.

The following are some of the reasons why I believe an email list is important


TASK: Now it is time for you to decide WHY you want to build an email list. What are you hoping to achieve, how big do you want to build your list, how many new customers do you hope to get from it?

Health Check Your Current List

If you don’t have a list yet then you can skip this section, but for those of you that do have a list then this is a good step to take before you start any marketing.

Consider the Following:

Is the list you have made up of existing customers? If so, you can keep that list for your existing client newsletter and make sure you keep it updated with new clients as they come on board.

Where did the emails come from that are on your list? If you are unsure how you built your list then I would start a new list, especially if the list is old.

How old is the list? If you started building a list years ago, have done nothing with it and it’s been dormant for years, then I would delete it. If you email these people, they won’t know who you are and will more than likely report you for Spam.

When you start email marketing to a list, it is better if the subscribers are new or already used to hearing from you regularly.

Task: Go through your list and see who is on it. Are they existing customers or potential customers? Where did they come from, are they recent subscribers? Should you be emailing them or is the list just too old?

Building Your List

In order to build your list you need to create some signup forms on your website so that people can sign up to your list. This will involve using something like Mail Chimp or Aweber.

This will allow people to opt into your email list or download your giveaway.

I use Mailchimp for my email marketing and I have a plugin in on my website allows me to create sign up forms really easily.

MailChimp For WordPress Plugin (Much easier to use than the form builder inside MailChimp)


Possible places to position your sign up forms.

  • Sidebar of your blog
  • At the bottom of each blog post
  • A pop up when people visit the blog (I wouldn’t add this to your services page – don’t distract people when they are learning about what you do!)
  • Landing Page for the giveaway

Task: Choose your email service provider and get your sign up forms in place on your website.

Determining Your Ideal Customer

If you haven’t decided who your ideal customer is you need to download the following planner and do it now.


It’s going to be so important for you to get clear on who you want to attract onto your list. Who do you want to work with in your business, who is your best customer that you would love 10 more of?

When you are creating a giveaway and writing your emails, you want to make sure you are writing to that exact person.

So get laser focused on who they are!

Task: Complete the Ideal Customer worksheet or re visit it if you have already completed it.

Creating a Giveaway

One of the most common ways to get someone to sign up to your email list is to offer them something that is of value to them that they will happily enter their email address to receive.

Most giveaways that you will see online will require an email address to access them.

There are lots of things you can offer as an email giveaway:

  • Ebook – for example, dog training tips, cleaning tips, dog treat recipes, book of dog names, games to play with your cat/dog
  • Video training – training tips, video of you making different dog toys, litter training tips
  • Checklist – things to take on holiday with your dog, health check list, new puppy supplies checklist
  • Coupon – discount coupon

The MAIN thing with whatever you decide to choose for your giveaway is that you make sure that it is of value to your ideal customer.

Also, make sure that it looks professional. Use someone on fiverr to create you an ebook cover or video intro if you need to.

You will also need to create a landing page that you can promote the Ebook on.

By creating a page on your website dedicated just to the giveaway (a landing page) you will be able to share it on Social Media and allow people to go to the page and sign up. From my own testing, I have found the landing page needs to be quite short and to the point in order to get people to sign up.

Ebook Landing Page

Example Landing Pages:

Cleaning Tips Landing Page >>>>

Dog Exercise Landing Page >>>>

Task: Brainstorm ideas for your giveaway and create the content for it, including your landing page.

Tip: Think about your ideal customer and what they would like to sign up for. Remember you are NOT promoting your business with the giveaway.

Promoting Your Giveaway Using Facebook Ads

A certain amount of signs up will come from your website and social media, depending on the amount of traffic you have to both.

However, you will need to promote your Freebie using Facebook Ads if you want to build a profitable list. A list that is full of your ideal customers.

The easiest, and in my experience cheapest, way to do this at the moment is using Facebook Lead Gen Ads.

These ads are only available in Power Editor which is where you would normally manage your ads.

Ad 1

>>> Once you have selected that a new page will load and you can now click Create Campaign

Ad 2


>>> You can then name your campaign and make sure you select Lead Generation Ads

Ad 3


>>> Next Create Your Ad Set – this is where you can choose your targeting and budget


Ad 4


>>> Next you need to Create Your Ad


Ad 5


>>> Power Editor walks you through creating your New Form

And then you can add a picture and your ad text to create an ad something like the one below.

Note – with Lead Gen Ads you are directing people to a form you create WITHIN Facebook, not to your website.

Ebook Cleaning Tips

>>> The final step once you have completed your ad is to Upload Changes from Power Editor.

Ad 6

Task: Get familiar with Power Editor and creating lead gen ads and then set up your own ad.

Retrieving Your Leads From Facebook

The only downside to Facebook Lead Gen Ads is that the leads come into the admin side of your Facebook Page, rather than into your email service provider.

To access your leads go to your Facebook Page and click on Publishing Tools

Lead gen 1

Then select Forms Library

Lead gen 2

Then download your leads into an excel file

Lead gen 3

You will then need to upload your new leads to your email service provider. I recommend doing this once per day.

Facebook Lead Gen Ads are also a fantastic way to generate leads for your Pet Sitting and Dog Walking business.

Sample Leads Gen Ads for Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Sending Emails To Your New List

I send 4 emails to my list once someone signs up for a Giveaway.

The first 3 emails are set up using email automation and the 4th I do manually each week.

  1. Welcome Email
  2. 3 days later a ‘catch-up’ Email
  3. 7 days later a ‘let me tell you a little bit about what we do’ email.
  4. A weekly Pet Sitters Ireland News Update

It’s a personal choice really how many emails you feel that you want to send to your list, but I would not bombard them with emails that offer no value.

Evaluate how they respond to your emails:

  • Is the open rate high?
  • Are people clicking on the links?
  • Which links are they liking best?
  • What is the unsubscribe rate like? (Yes people will leave you!)

Email #1 – Welcome Email

The purpose of this email is to send the giveway and welcome them to your business. I also offer them the opportunity to join my Private Facebook Group of Pet Lovers at this stage as well.

The email has a friendly tone and doesn’t promote my business. I do have a discrete button on there that says ‘Contact Us About Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services’ but nothing else.

Email #2 – Catch up Email

This email reminds them that they signed up and gives them the link to the EBook in case they have lost it. I mention they may have received our weekly news update and mention what is included in that. I also invite them to get in touch if they have any suggestions for the weekly news email.

Email #3 – Services Email

This is email is to let them know what services we offer and how we can help when they are ready to use a Pet Care Service. It provides useful links for them to check out and a button to contact us with questions.

Email #4 -Weekly Newsletter

I have tried a few different styles for our weekly newsletter and this style seems to be working best at the moment. It’s clear and to the point and most importantly is easy to read on mobile.

It does mean writing it weekly, but it literally takes 15 minutes, as all my blog content is already there to use.

News 1

News 2

News 3