Creating Ebooks For Your Business

Ebooks can be a really powerful way to:

1) Educate your ideal customers

2) Build a list so that you can market to your ideal customers.

The 2 different uses for Ebooks mean that you need to create 2 types of Ebooks.

  1. Educational Service Based Ebooks
  2. Pet Related Ebooks

Note – I use the term Ebook – but you could also create downloadable checklists, PDF Guides, Recipe sheets.

Educational Service Based Ebooks

These are Ebooks about your services that you can use to educate your customers and help them understand what your services are and how they are delivered.

They could a guide to what you do and how you do it as a company.

They could be individual service guides – so a complete FAQ to using a Dog Walker or Everything you need to know about getting your dog groomed.

For example >>

The key is that you give the reader enough information about your services so that it makes is super clear what they can expect when they work with you.

Note – I don’t recommend asking for an email address to download these types of Ebooks as you don’t want to put any barrier in the way of potential new clients reading them.

Pet Related Ebooks

It’s really important as a business owner to grow your email list. Social Media is amazing to communicate with potential clients, but if something happened to your social media then how would you make contact with all of those people.

In order to build your list you need to constantly be offering your potential clients something of value that they will give you their email address for. By creating Ebooks about subjects that interest them you can start to grow a list of people that potentially are interested in using your services.

For example

How To Come Up With Ebook Ideas.

For your services it’s really easy to create an Ebook/Downloadable about what you do. For Pet Related Ebooks you need to make sure that you create something that people are so interested in that they will give you their email address for is.

Where to Get Ideas?

  1. Carry out a survey and find out what people are interested in.
  2. Look at your Google Analytics and find out which are your most popular blogs. Could they make a good Ebook?
  3. Look at seasonal or trending topics.

How To Write An Ebook

An Ebook does not need to be new content. You may already have a lot of content that you can create an Ebook from – if you have been blogging for some time.

Tips To Create the Ebook

It’s not that hard to create an Ebook. It’s really just a word document of information.

Some tips for creating an ebook include.

  1. Copy and paste blogs together into a word document, make it look pretty and then save as a PDF.
  2. Use clear images.
  3. Break the text up using subheaders and chapters.
  4. Be Interesting! and to the point.

Note – you could use the plugin like Beacon to bring all your blogs together and create an Ebook. It does all the design work for you.


Where Should You Promote Your Ebook To Get Sign Ups

You need to promote your Ebooks to people to get them to sign up for them. Below are some places you can start to promote them.

Home page of your website

Side bar of your blog

Footer of your blog

Exit popup – when someone leaves your website the pop up is displayed to them

Social Media Posts

On your Podcast

At the end of your Videos


How To Implement A Sign Up Process For Your Ebook

When you ask people to enter an email to download your Ebook you want to make it as easy as possible for them. The process should be simple, clear and quick.

Create a sign up form asking for first name and email address.

When they sign up direct them to a landing page that thanks them for signing up for your Ebook.

Either give them the Ebook on this landing page OR tell them you are going to email it to them. (You can remind people to check their Junk Folder)

Send them a welcome email thanking them and including the link to the Ebook (send this even if you gave it to them on the landing page)

What Next?

Use your email list! Don’t let the email list get old and stale – otherwise when you do want to email them they will have forgot about you.

  1. Send them a series of emails letting them know about your services
  2. Send them your newsletter
  3. Send them offers

Basically just touch base with them on a regular basis so you stay top of mind.


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