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Marketing Your Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Business Online in 2023? Sorted!

Fed up of struggling with your online marketing content? You’re in the right place!

Your whole year’s marketing content planned and ready to copy and paste!

Does this sound like you?

I get it! Online marketing is overwhelming! Especially while you’re busy with Dog Walks, Visits and Pet Sitting - not to mention enquiries and bookings!

How awesome would it be if you could....

Thankfully I have the solution…

Introducing the 2023 Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Marketing Planner!

The planner is for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers who WANT to leverage online marketing to attract a constant stream of customers and grow your business.

It’s the exact plan used by me, an Award Winning Pet Sitting and Dog Walking business owner (who LOVES online marketing!) to keep growing our business for 12 years.

It has the proven mix of posts, ready to copy and paste to create the engagement that grows a community of loyal customers.

And all the tips and free tools to get your marketing done in just a few hours a month – because who has time to be marketing all day every day?!

What Is Included?

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“The marketing planner is a business changing resource for anyone who is not great at knowing what to say or when to say it OR doesn't have the time to come up with marketing ideas. When used consistently it can completely transform your business and the amount of new clients you have as well as the amount you retain. This has been a game changer for us for the last 4 years.”
“I LOVE Kate’s Marketing Planner. Quite frankly I think I would be lost without it. I’m super busy and not tech savvy. It gives me content and strategies on how to approach social media, how to get reviews, write the perfect blog and tons more. It is a great planner for busy business owners. It helps me succeed at marketing even though I would otherwise not have a clue as to what to do. It is just what I needed!”

Benefits of the Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Marketing Planner 2023

Build the business you dreamt of when you started out with a calendar full of bookings, reliable income and the life of FREEDOM your looking for

Constantly attract new customers and keep them for longer so you’re not stressed by always chasing bookings!

The satisfaction of knowing your marketing is finally sorted every month AND knowing it’ll bring you bookings.

Feel supported by someone who knows what it takes and gets the pressures of running a Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business. And from like-minded Pet Business Owners in the Facebook Group.

Who Am I?

Hi! I’m Kate and I can’t wait to help you with online marketing to get (and keep) your Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Business fully Booked.

Over the last 12 years I have built an award winning Pet Sitting and Dog Walking business servicing 1000’s of clients all over Ireland – with a network of Franchisees that now work under our business model.

When I started my Pet Sitting & Dog Walking business I had no clue what I was doing when it came to marketing. But with a lot of trial and error I found ways to consistently get clients and grow my revenue year on year.

Once I knew what worked, I started to plan my marketing month on month and eventually for the whole year. One day I was thinking how I wish I’d had a plan like that when I started and I realised that Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers like you would love to have one too!

And the Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Marketing planner was born – for the first time in 2018.

And it’s helped so many Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers grow their businesses through online marketing with ease!

“Kate is amazing and her courses are a must! The Marketing Planner has been a huge boost to my business and a load off my mind. It helps me plan all of my social media without putting in endless time and gives me a ton of ideas!”

“Kate’s planner dives deep into your monthly, weekly and daily goals. She helps plan your social strategy, content days, business goals, and so much more. Like your business, this planner is one of a kind and designed to help you plan your work. Her FB groups and email reminders and fun challenges keep you thinking about marketing and planning. It’s a must have for those who say they don’t have time or can’t figure out where to begin with marketing.”

Here’s Everything You Get When You Buy the Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Marketing planner

NEW For 2023 - As well as the PDF version of the Planner, the Planner comes on an app you can access on the go - making marketing your Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Business even easier!

Every social media post you’ll need to grow an engaged audience of buyers in 2023 – just copy and paste (add your own style!) and watch your sales and audience grow!

A full calendar of seasonal content prompts & awareness days both pet-related and other super-shareable awareness days (think national chocolate day, national pet lovers day – the sort of stuff your audience will love!) – never miss an opportunity to go viral again!

A tried and tested framework of the exact varieties of posts that have proven super-engaging for me – NEVER be stuck wondering what to post again!

Evergreen Content Ideas including blog ideas to get you found on google by buying customers, videos & podcasts to create – this is the type of content that generates new clients and sales CONSISTENTLY with no further effort!

A list of competitions/challenges you can run on your social media that have helped me get a ton of free PR for my business including national press, TV, radio and sponsorship!

FREE Facebook Group for inspiration and support to grow your business (PLUS you can invite your office assistant to join this group if they are helping with your social media)

Weekly prompts and reminders to make sure you’re always on top of the marketing your audience can’t get enough of!

Access to ask me questions when you get stuck!

“Kate’s marketing planner has been such a helpful tool in my pet business. She really takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out what to say and when to post on social media. As a busy pet business owner, I no longer have to worry about missing a special pet holiday or coming up with unique blog topics – Kate has done all of that for us! Knowing that I just need to whip up a quick graphic here and there takes a huge load off my already-full plate. I’m so grateful that Kate provides this amazing pet business marketing planner year after year.”
Melanie Haynes
“I’m a huge fan of the Pet Business Owners’ Marketing Planner. I’ve used it for the last three years to guide me with my social media and business marketing. Not only is it filled with helpful information, but it guides you monthly and helps keep you on track. Creating a marketing calendar is overwhelming, but with the guidance of this planner, you can’t go wrong. I highly recommend Kate’s marketing planner for any pet care business that wants to step up their marketing and see results when doing so.”

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$299/one off payment
The planner is available immediately
All prices in US Dollars

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Who is the Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Planner 2023 for?

Who's the Planner For?

Who’s it Not For?

What Next?

How does it work?

 Ready to be inspired, prepared and supported to ACTUALLY DO THE WORK and create social media that’ll become the life-blood of fresh sales into your business?

What are you waiting for?!

I can’t wait to help you make this your best year on social media EVER!

Frequently Asked Questions

Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers who want to use online marketing and social media to grow their business and want my help to do it.

The planner is digital – but you can of course print it off and bind it at any local store.You also can use the Trello version if you prefer that format to the PDF.

No! The posts are easy to personalise and I highly encourage that! You can use graphics, emojis, gifs, memes and details of your business and local area to make the marketing unique to you with minimum effort

You get everything delivered for the entire year, plus you get help whenever you need it in the Facebook Group.

No! I’ll be in your inbox weekly reminding you to plan your posts and you’ll get support, prompts and gentle butt kicking from me in the Facebook Group.

You will get access to me via the Facebook Group and you can email me anytime with questions

And you can of course upgrade to the Membership Group if you want to really up your marketing to the next level.

Absolutely not, when you use your planner there is no need to mention me at all. I am here to help – but the planner is all yours!

The planner is however only for your use – you cannot share the planner with other people, sell or reproduce the planner in any way.

Due to the digital nature of this product it is not possible to get a refund – so please be sure it’s for you before you purchase.

The content in the planner is not for resale or redistribution. It is created solely for the individual who purchased it. You can only use the content for your own Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Business – you may not share it with anyone else, use it with any businesses you may work with or anyone outside of your own Pet Sitting Business.

Buy Your Copy of The 2023 Marketing Planner


$299/one off payment
The planner is available immediately
All prices in US Dollars

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