Marketing Your Pet Business In March: Tips For Pet Professionals

Marketing Your Pet Business In March

March is nearly here! Wow! And we need to start thinking about how we want to finish the first quarter of the year. What do you want to be celebrating as you head in Quarter 2? That’s where my tips in Marketing Your Pet Business in March could really make all the difference.

Last month I talked about reviewing your plan for the year and measuring your progress. But actually from talking to a few people throughout the month I have realised that most people don’t really have a concrete plan in place to guide them.

So let’s take a quick look at planning and how that can help you achieve your business goals.

#1. A Plan Doesn’t Need To Take Hours To Create

One of the things that puts most people off planning is that it sounds boring. It sounds like its going to take you hours to create in some giant spreadsheet that you don’t understand.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. You can get a pretty planner and sit down every 3 months and map out some content  ideas. Look at what days of the year are coming up and plan your content around that.

Decide if you want more cat or dog clients and start coming up with blog titles you are going to write to attract them.

Then just pop that into your calendar and commit to doing them each week.

#2. A Plan Doesn’t Need To Be Complicated

Don’t over complicate things and commit to too much content. I know people will tell you that you need to be a content creating machine, but remember we are not in the business of making additional jobs for ourselves.

Keep things simple!

Stick to your plan and as you get good at blogging and Facebook (for example) then add in another element to your marketing plan.

And if you find yourself getting overwhelmed then just take a step back and adjust your plan. It’s your plan and you control it – not the other way around.

#3. I’ve Got A Plan You Can Use!

I know what’s it like when you just have no ideas. Believe me I have been there when I first started my business.

I actually remember saying to a lady on a course that I wouldn’t have anything to blog about for my business.

950 blog posts later and I have to laugh at that statement 😂

But if you do need help then I have a Marketing Planner you can grab,  plus all the support and training to help you with that plan in my membership group.

Marketing Your Pet Business In March

There is so much going on in March that you can use for blog ideas or just simple Social Media Posts. Not everything has to take you hours and doesn’t need to be a blog post. Sometimes just engaging on Social Media can be enough to create a buzz around you and your business.

Do what you can with the time you have – It’s better to do something small than not at all!

National Animal Poison Prevention Week – March 20th

  • I’d definitely recommend writing a blog post on this subject as you will be able to use it year after year.
  • You could even create infographics and do a week long promotion about pet safety.
  • Lots of great visuals would work really well for this.

Professional Pet Sitters Week – March 6th

  • You could promote the professional elements of your services and the pros and cons of a professional Pet Sitting Service
  • Also highlighting some of your staff members on social media would be good. If you have videos of your staff share them.
  • Also testimonials of customers saying how great your staff are

If Pets had Thumbs Day – March 3rd

  • There will probably be some funny memes flying around for this day – so you might decide to share some.
  • Twitter might have a hashtag – so keep an eye out for that.
  • Ask your social media followers – If Pets Had Thumbs What Do You Think They Would Do?

St Patrick’s Day – March 17th

  • This is a great day to get people to share pictures of their pets dressed up.
  • Look for articles online covering St Patrick’s Day events and share them on social media.
  • Consider changing your FB banner to reflect the day.

National Puppy Day – March 23rd

Blog Posts:

  • Things To Consider When Getting A Puppy
  • Top 10 Supplies You Need For A Puppy
  • Why Does My Puppy X (there are lots of things people will be asking Google!)

Get people to share pictures of their puppies on Social Media and tell you what they love most about them.

Respect Your Cat Day – March 28th

Ask your followers things like:

  • What do they love most about their cat?
  • What makes their cat great?
  • Have they treated their cat to anything special today?

What have you got planned for March? Let me know in the comments below and see if I can help you with it.


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