Marketing Your Business In January: Tips For Pet Professionals

Marketing Your Business In January: Tips For Pet Professionals

Happy New Year! And welcome to 2017. I can really feel that 2017 is going to be a huge year for me, my pet business and the Pawsome Marketing Academy. I am totally committed to sharing all my best stuff with you and not holding anything back. There is so much fluff online that doesn’t really tell you anything you need to know and only really serves to be click bait to get you on someones website to buy their stuff!

I don’t want that to be the case for my website visitors. I want you to be able to learn from the content that I create and not feel you have to pay for everything of any value.

That said…I do still need to eat! So I will be promoting my Marketing Academy and my 1 to 1 coaching and helping as many of you as possible.

Review What Worked

It’s tempting to rush into 2017 with new marketing ideas and not stop to think about what worked in 2016. It makes more sense for you to do more of what worked already than start re inventing the wheel again this year.

If it worked  – why change it!

Take some time to look at the following:

Google Analytics. Which of your blog posts generated most traffic and which led to people reading more blog posts? If Facebook or Twitter a bigger traffic generator? Are people staying on your site longer for certain types of posts than others?

Social Media. Which of your channels is driving the most sales? Which are you getting more engagement on? Which types of posts did better? – Images or Blog Posts? Do people like fun or informative posts?

New Customers. Where did they come from? Blog posts? Facebook Ads? Google Search? Referrals? Finding this out will give you a chance to discover where most of your business comes from.

Once you have this data that start to look at where you can implement more of what people want or re promote what already worked.

Plan Your Next 3 Months

Planning an entire year can seem a little bit daunting and it’s a bit of a big task really. I plan my entire year in terms of main themes, but I only really get into the nitty gritty 3 months out at a time.

I look at a number of things as part of my plan.

  1. Blog Topics
  2. Podcast Topics
  3. List Building Ideas
  4. Videos (this is going to be big for me this year!)

For each of those topics I then create a list of the titles for each week and the days I will publish on.

For example I know I blog 3 times per week, I produce 1 podcast, I have an ebook per quarter and I will be posting videos at least once per week.

Your numbers may be different. You might not have the time or resources to create that much content. But whatever you commit to get it into your planner and make the time to action it. Writing it down will make it more real.

The danger with having no plan is that you will panic, hire someone to write for you without a plan and not see the results you want or should get.


Ideas for Jan 2017

My focus for January would be on:

  • New pet owners – everything they need for their new pets.
  • Dog Training
  • Cleaning Tips for pet owners

Why? Well people get new pets, they make new year’s resolutions about how well trained their dogs will be and they want to start the year with a clean house!

Keep it simple! Think what people are doing now and how you can help them.

Invest In You

I invested in myself a lot last year. I read books, I took a training and coaching programme with Marcus Sheridan and I attended and spoke at events.

Being around awesome and like minded people is amazing. And keeping your mind full of positive energy is vital when you own a business.

This year I will be sharing all that knowledge in the Marketing Academy. I will also be attending Social Media Marketing World and I have committed to a long reading list! I have also got myself a great planner, a journal and several notebooks to record my year of activity in.

I’m excited about the awesome year ahead.

Decide on what you are going to invest in. Do you need a coach, marketing help, a reading list or something else? Let me know in the comments below.