Marketing Your Business in February: Tips For Pet Professionals

Pet Business Marketing

Marketing is an ongoing task in your business and we should all be constantly creating new content for our customer and social media followers to enjoy.

As we are a month into the year there are a few things I suggest you do to reflect on the month and make sure you are keeping on track.

Marketing Your Business in February: Tips For Pet Professionals

#1. Review Your Plan

In January I suggested that you plan for the year. Get some themes around your content and give yourself the best chance of success by knowing what you are going to share with your followers.

Did you do that?

And have you stuck to your plan?

I would recommend that at the end of each month you do a little review to see where you are at and make sure that you are on target with your goals.

No need to beat yourself up if you haven’t achieved everything, but certainly you should make sure that you are meeting some of your goals and adjust your plan if you are not.

#2. Check Your Focus

I see so many people trying to be everything to everyone and I can guarantee it’s the biggest way to fail.

Unless we have a massive team then we simply cannot do everything – well at least not very well anyway.

Choose what you are good at and what gets you results and do more of that.

If it’s not broke – then no need to fix it!

I’m not suggesting you don’t move with the changing times, but if you are blogging and it’s working well for you then don’t put yourself under pressure to do TikTok (for example). We only have so many hours in the day – so use them wisely.

#3. Self Education

This is something that we could all probably do more of. If you have a focus for the month then make sure you include some educational time in there as well.

That could be reading books, watching Youtube videos, listening to podcasts or attending events.

There is so much free content out there that you can enjoy and it comes in different formats. So, if you don’t have a lot of time to read then throw on a podcast while you are doing the laundry and listen to what people are teaching you.

Or if you want to get monthly help and support from me, then consider joining the Pet Business Owners Marketing Membership

Marketing Ideas for February

There are lots of great things to promote in your business this month.

Valentine’s Day

  • Share useful articles about events, hotels, mini breaks
  • Share fun romantic images and quotes
  • Run a competition for the cutest pet

Dog Training Education Month

  • Dog training tips and articles. If you don’t have time to write your own share your favourite dog trainers. Make use of the hundreds of Youtube dog training videos
  • Ask people questions about training their dog, can their dog do tricks, walk on the leash etc.

National Cat Health Month

  • Promote your cat sitting services and the benefits
  • Share cat health tips
  • Encourage people to share pictures of their cats

Spay Neuter Awareness Month

  • FAQs About spay/neuter
  • Pros and cons of spay neuter
  • Invite rescues to help educate your community

These are just some of the things you could do to connect with your ideal customers during February.

As always keep educating your community and finding out more about what they love.

Let me know what content you decide to create in the comments below.


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