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Every year I sit down and make a plan of what I am going to do in my business throughout the year.


Because without it I know I would do nothing! And that’s a fact.

Having a plan of what I am going to write about, share on social, promote etc. is part of what has made my business so successful…and of course taking action based on my plan.

Why Having A Marketing Plan Is Important For Your Business

I know that not many people make plans when it comes to marketing. They tend to just go from week to week sharing a few pictures on social media, maybe writing a blog post or 2 and boosting Facebook posts when they need new customers.

But having a plan makes things so much easier and so much quicker!

#1. You only have to think once!

If you don’t have a plan at the start of the year that you can follow then every week/month you are sitting down to come up with new ideas.

This ‘thinking’ time is time that you could be spending with your family. But instead every week you are wondering what to do to add more customers to your business.

Create a plan at the start of the year and you are done! All you need to do is read over it at the start of each month and implement it.


#2. If you don’t make a plan – will you do anything?

I know if I was constantly planning what I was going to do I would probably find other things that are much more fun to do instead.

We can all be guilty of procrastinating and what better reason not to do something than “I don’t know what to do!”.

It’s the perfect excuse to head off to the shops and leave ‘planning’ for another day.

If however your plan is done you can just crack on with what you need to do and your marketing is done for the day/week. And more importantly, goals are being worked towards and achieved.


#3. Planning helps you build momentum

A plan will definitely help you build momentum throughout the year. Instead of having bursts of enthusiastic marketing you will be consistent throughout the year.

The only real difference between my marketing and someone else’s is that I consistently show up every single day in my business to promote it to the Pet Lovers of Ireland!

I turn up on Social Media every day and talk to my followers. This single reason I now have 35,ooo Facebook Fans and growing!


How Can I Help?

Marketing your Pet Business isn’t necessarily about being super smart, it’s about knowing what to do and when and having a PLAN!

If you want help with your marketing then sign up for my Complete Marketing Plan for 2018

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