Why Having A Marketing Plan Is Important For Your Pet Business

Marketing PLanner

Every year I sit down and make a plan of how I am going to market my pet business throughout the year.


Because without it I know I would do nothing OR I wouldn’t do a very good job of things that I did do! And that’s a fact.

Having a plan of what I am going to write about, share on social, promote etc. is part of what has made my business so successful…and of course taking action based on my plan.

Why Having A Marketing Plan Is Important For Your Business

I know that not many people make plans when it comes to marketing. They tend to just go from week to week sharing a few pictures on social media, maybe writing a blog post or 2 and boosting Facebook posts when they need new customers.

But having a plan makes things so much easier and so much quicker. Plus it gives you real results – paying customers!

#1. Without A Plan You Have No Idea What You Are Doing Each Week To Promote Your Business

If you don’t have a plan at the start of the year then every week you need to come up with new ideas of how to promote your business.

This is time you need to find each week to think of what to post that is more than just a few funny memes and pictures of pets that you are caring for.

Something that will actually engage your audience and make sure that you stay top of mind with your audience when it comes to Pet Care. Marketing that will make you stand out from your competition.

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#2. If You Don’t Make a Plan – Will You Do Anything?

We can all be guilty of procrastinating and what better reason not to do something than “I don’t know what to do!”.

It’s the perfect excuse for not posting on social media and not making it a priority.

If however your plan is done at the start of the year you can just crack on with what you need to do and your marketing is done for the day/week. And more importantly, goals are being worked towards and achieved.

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#3. Planning Helps You Build Momentum

A plan will definitely help you build momentum throughout the year. Instead of having bursts of enthusiastic marketing you will be consistent throughout the year and this has a compound growth effect. The more people see you showing up the more they will engage with your content. They begin to look forward to what you have to say.

The only real difference between my marketing and someone else’s is that I consistently show up every single day in my business to promote it AND I have a plan!

This is the single reason I now have 42,000 Facebook Fans, 8300 Instagram followers, 3250 Twitter Followers and 3500 email subscribers and growing!

How Can I Help?

Marketing your Pet Business isn’t necessarily about being super smart, it’s about having a plan to market your business and sticking to it. And that’s where my Marketing Planner can help.

Don’t Take My Word for It! My Clients LOVE the Marketing Planner

“Kate is amazing and her courses are a must! The Marketing Planner has been a huge boost to my business and a load off my mind. It helps me plan all of my social media without putting in endless time and gives me a ton of ideas!”  Liana

“I love the planner and have used it so much this last year. I am really excited about the 2021 planner. Really love the coaching calls with you too”.  Kelley

“I purchased the Marketing Planner from Pet Business Owners hoping to get some inspiration for what had become pretty stagnant marketing for my business on Facebook.

When I opened the planner, I was blown away by all of the content that was included – ideas I hadn’t even considered! The daily content calendar hands me a day-to-day guide of exactly what to post.

The how-to videos inspired me to create graphics and find quick photos to post each day along with the content.

From blog ideas to email marketing, blog templates and Facebook Group marketing – the planner provides an all-Inclusive marketing plan for those on a budget or with a do it yourself mindset. The results I experienced with the planner created incredible momentum with not only engagement on social media but increased new client requests which increased our overall business! There is truly nothing else like it on the market and I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to grow their business!” Jessica

Grab my Marketing Planner and make your year amazing


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