Market Your Pet Business In September: Tips For Pet Professionals

Market Pet Biz In September

Are you ready to market your Pet Business in September?

Each month I take a look at lots of new ways that you can engage your audience and promote your pet business. These might be seasonal ideas, general ongoing promotional ideas or marketing ideas based around pet days of the year.

Once you read through all this information you need to sit down and go through all the different themes for the month,  take into account anything you have planned in your own business that you want to promote to your audience and plan out your social media posts and content – like blogs, videos, podcasts etc.

Remember you don’t always have to talk about pets  – there are lots of other things that you can share and write about that would interest pet owners. Things like events in your local area, places to go with your dog or just cute stores that sell nice pet accessories.

And always make sure you have enough promotional posts on social media that encourage people to book your services. A good mix of fun and sales is important.

Marketing Your Pet Business In September

Pet Days Of The Month

1st – Ginger Cat Appreciation Day
12th – National Hug Your Hound Day
12th – National Pet Memorial Day
18th – Responsible Dog Ownership Day
25th – International Rabbit Day
28th – World Rabies Day

Non Pet Days Of The Month

6th – Labor Day
9th – Teddy Bear Day
12th – National Day of Encouragement
30th – International Podcast Day

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Blog and Social Media Post Ideas

National Hug Your Hound Day is a great day to ask people to share pics of their dogs, ask them if their dog likes to be hugged or creating polls on things their dog likes and doesn’t like. These kind of conversational style posts are great for engagement.

Responsible Dog Ownership Day is great for opening up the conversation around what it takes to own a pet. What responsibilities there are, what you should prepare for financially and if you are suited to owning a pet. It’s great to get people involved in the conversation and ask them what they think being a responsible pet owner means.

September is also Happy Healthy Cat Month. So if you care for cats this is a great chance to show off your expertise in this area. Give health tips, activity ideas and maybe healthy treat ideas. Make sure you encourage people to share pics of their cats to celebrate.

Also – don’t forget to keep marketing your services. That’s super important too. We want engaged social media – but we also need sales. So share pictures of your taking care of pets and invite people to use your services.

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