Market Your Pet Business In October: Tips For Pet Professionals

Market Your Pet Business October

Are you ready to market your Pet Business in October?

The favourite part of my month is when I sit down with my planner and take a look at what content we are going to create for the next month or 2.

I love coming up with new and fun ways to engage our audience and make sure that they are:

  • Enjoying our content
  • Learning from it
  • And feeling like they can trust us to take of their pets

I also like to take time to look at what we did over the last few years – because there are always things that can be updated, improved or built upon. Not everything needs to be started from scratch each time.

Top Tip: In fact every week I look at my top performing posts and see where I can re use them in a month or so. Because if they did amazing once then they will do again.

Once I have brainstormed everything I am going to do then I sit down and plan it all out. And decide who is doing what. And I always look for ways that we can talk about other things that Pet Lovers like – like places to hang out in our local area.

I’m also super intentional about making sure I have enough promotional posts on social media that encourage people to book our services. After all – we need to let people know what we do so they can hire us.

Remember: Not everyone sees all of your social media posts. So you probably need to post more than you think you need to.

Marketing Your Pet Business In October

Pet Days Of The Month

  • National Animal Safety and Protection Month
  • Adopt A Dog Month
  • Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
  • National Pet Wellness Month
  • National Pit Bulls Awareness Month

Non Pet Days Of The Month

  • 5th – Do something nice day
  • 21st – Get to know your customers day
  • 23rd – National make a difference day
  • 31st – Halloween

Blog and Social Media Post Ideas

National Black Dog Day is a great day to highlight awareness for dogs in rescues and how much harder it is for them (and black cats) to get adopted.

Walk your dog week (starting the 1st) is a chance to really promote the benefits of walking your dog and how you, as a company, you can help dog owners.

Get to know your customers day is a perfect time to celebrate how much your customers mean to you and how much they appreciate your services. Share stories, testimonials, pics of their pets.

And of course it’s Halloween this month. So lots of chance to share:

  • Safety tips
  • Pumpkin carving tips
  • Things to do in your town
  • And generally just get fun and spooky!

Also – don’t forget to keep marketing your services. That’s super important too. We want engaged social media – but we also need sales. So share pictures of your taking care of pets and invite people to use your services.

If you need help with your marketing then why not join the Pet Business Owners Membership Group to get support and help with your marketing.


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