Marketing Your Pet Business In May: Tips For Pet Professionals

market pet business may

As always there are lots of pet days this month so go ahead and choose the ones that you think you can promote to your audience best. Pick ones that you find fun and interesting to write about.

Also, consider which ones will make good searchable content on Google so that you can get year-long traffic to your blog from it.

Marketing Your Pet Business In May


Chip Your Pet Month – You could do a great educational piece on the importance of chipping your pet. Do some keyword research on what questions people are asking Google for this.

National Pet Month – Always fun to ask people to share pictures of their pets.

National Service Dog Eye Examination Month

Lyme Disease Prevention Month – Another great topic for a blog post educating people – again do you keyword research on this topic.

You might enjoy reading my Blogging For Pet Sitters Guide 


National Pet Week – (First Full Week in May) Create fun promotional images and get people to share pics of their pets

Puppy Mill Action Week – Begins the Monday before Mother’s Day


May 3 – National Specially-abled Pets Day – Great blog post topic on how to care for a Specially-abled Pet

May 9 – National Lost Sock Day – Always good for a Poll or a question around what your pets steals.

May 14 – International Chihuahua Appreciation Day – If you have customers with Chihuahua’s then share pics. You could also write an blog post about them.

May 20 – National Rescue Dog Day – Support your local rescue today and share pets that need homes!

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