Marketing Your Pet Business In May: Tips For Pet Professionals

market pet business may

Wow, it’s nearly May!  I think I say this at the start of every month, but the year goes by so quickly.

I have a few thoughts for you for this month which I am hoping might help you move your business on in May.

#1. Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

We are starting month 5 of the year and it’s a great time to reflect on how much you have achieved this year already.

Celebrate the small things you have done. That could be as simple as getting a handle on your social media, hiring some more staff or creating a plan for the next few month.

We are our own worst enemy as we don’t give ourselves enough credit for all the great things we do.

#2. Consistency Is Key

If there is one thing I think has been the key in my business growth it’s my consistency. I just keep going with things, rather than stopping and starting all the time.

Every time you stop something you lose momentum with what you are doing and have to start all over again.

This goes for anything – blogging, video, podcasts, live events. You need to decide on a schedule and stick with it.

#3. Pick One Thing

If you are going to focus on moving your business forward this month then I would encourage you to pick one thing to focus on.

Don’t be distracted by people telling you that you need to be doing x, y, and z – instead just stick to the one thing you choose and be amazing at that! You will see a real difference in how you feel (less overwhelm) and you will see better results because you are more focused.

Marketing Your Pet Business In May

As always there are lots of pet days this month so go ahead and choose the ones that you think you can promote to your audience best. Pick ones that you find fun and interesting to write about.

Also, consider which ones will make good searchable content on Google so that you can get year-long traffic to your blog from it.


  • Chip Your Pet Month – great educational piece on importance of chipping your pet. Do some keyword research on what questions people are asking Google for this.
  • National Pet Month – Always fun to ask people to share pictures of their pets
  • National Service Dog Eye Examination Month
  • Lyme Disease Prevention Month – great for a blog post educating people – again do you keyword research on this topic.


  • National Pet Week – First Full Week in May Create fun promotional images and get people to share pics of their pets
  • Puppy Mill Action Week – Begins the Monday before Mother’s Day


  • National Specially-abled Pets Day – May 3
  • National Lost Sock Day  – May 9
  • International Chihuahua Appreciation Day – May 14
  • National Rescue Dog Day – May 20

What Do You Plan To Promote This Month? Let Me Know In The Comments Below.