Marketing Your Pet Business in June: Tips For Pet Professionals


A good marketing plan is the key to making sure you have a steady stream of clients and that you are top of mind when people think of pet care in your area.

Leaving your marketing to chance is not a good idea.

June has some great opportunities for content creation around the pet days of the year. As you can see below we have adopt a cat month, pet appreciation week, take your dog to work week and much more.

I would also encourage you to look at how you are promoting your business and if you are making it easy for people to contact you.

If all you are doing is creating content for the ‘fun’ days of the year then you may be overlooking the chance to actually promote your business and ask for the sale.

So ask yourself are you….

  • Actively promoting the benefits of your services
  • Keeping in touch with existing customers and reminding them about booking
  • Telling your story about your business and showing the ‘face’ behind the company
  • Consistently proactively marketing to people – rather than just waiting for them to come to you
  • Making sure your content is attracting local people

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Marketing Your Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Business in June

The following days of the year are great opportunities to create engagement on social media. Whether you decide to create blog posts, fun images, inspiration quotes – all of them can lead to great conversations with ideal clients.

Adopt a Cat Month

  • Share a picture of a cat you have adopted
  • Share pictures of cats looking for homes from different rescues in your area

Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

  • Blog: 5 Places to Adopt a Cat in X Town

Social Petworking Month

  • Start a twitter chat around working with pets.

Pet Appreciation Week (First week in June)

  • Blog: What I Love Most About My Pets.
  • Share pics of your pets and your clients and celebrate them

Take Your Dog to Work Week (20-24 June)

  • Ask people if they work from home or at the office
  • Would they like to work in a dog friendly office

Hug Your Cat Day (June 4th) 

  • Blog: Do Cats Like Being Hugged?
  • Social Post: Is your cat a hugger or not?

National Dog Party Day (June 21st) 

  • Blog: Tips to Organise a Party for Your Dog
  • Social Post: Would you host a party for your dog?

Take Your Dog to Work Day (June 21st)

  • Social Post: Would you take your dog to work if you could?

Non Pet Days

  • 1st – International Childrens Day
  • 21st – Selfie Day
  • 29th – National Camera Day

What Do You Plan to Promote This Month? Let Me Know in The Comments Below.


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