Marketing Your Pet Business In July: Tips For Pet Professionals

As we move into the second half of the year it’s probably a good time to sit down and look at those goals that we all set at the beginning of the year. See where you are with them and what you need to change.

Reviewing your progress in terms of sales, profit etc. And also your marketing results is super important.

If we don’t review what is working and what isn’t – they how do we know if we need to change anything.

With that in mind here are some ideas you might want to incorporate into your July marketing plan

Marketing Your Pet Business In July

There are lots of pet days/months you can focus your content around. Plus some non pet related days which also really work well and can be adapted to suit a pet business.

And I’ve also included some blog ideas for you – so you have lots of ways to promote what you do and how you can help pet owners.

Pet Days Of The Month

11th – All American Pet Photo Day

15th – National Pet Fire Safety Day

31st – National Mutt Day

National Lost Pet Prevention Month

National Pet Hydration Awareness Month

Dog House Repair Month

Non Pet Days Of The Month

1st – International Joke Day (perfect for telling really bad jokes on social media all day!!)

4th – Independence Day

6th – World Kissing Day

17th  – National Ice Cream Day (get out those doggie ice cream recipes)

Blog and Social Media Post Ideas

Lost Pet Prevention month gives you an opportunity to write a blog post on finding a lost pet. You could do a series of social media posts that break down the information and even try and get on some podcasts or in local press talking about safety of pets.

Take a look if there are any statistics in your area about lost pets and make graphics from them. Canva is a great place to find template to make info-graphics for social media.

You could also do a blog on making dog friendly ice cream.

And there is plenty of opportunity to educate people throughout the month on the importance of hydrating your pets and keeping them cool then the weather is warm.

Also – don’t forget to keep marketing your services. That’s super important too. We want engaged social media – but we also need sales

If you need help with your marketing then why not join the Pet Business Owners Membership Group to get support and help with your marketing.

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