Marketing Your Pet Business In August: Tips For Pet Professionals

July Marketing Tips

Every month there are lots of new ways that you can engage your audience and promote your pet business. And one way to get some inspiration is using the pet days of the month for content ideas.

For example if it’s International Spoil your dog day why not ask your audience if they spoil their dog and what they do to spoil them. It’s a great way of getting a conversation going and getting to know your social media followers.

But that’s not all – you can also use these awareness days to prompt blog/video or podcast content ideas. For example if it’s clear the shelters day why not write about how your local community can help the shelters.

Take a read through the pet days of the month and see what you are inspired to create and then scroll down where I have some more brilliant ideas for you. And remember we can still be inspired by non pet days – not everything we talk about on social media has to directly be about pets.

Marketing Your Pet Business In August

Pet Days Of The Month

8th – International Cat Day

10th – Spoil Your Dog Day

17th – National Black Cat Appreciation Day

26th – National Dog Day

28th – Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Non Pet Days Of The Month

3rd – National Watermelon Day

9th – Book Lovers Day

19th – World Photo Day

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Blog and Social Media Post Ideas

Black Cat Awareness Day is a great chance to educate people about adopting a black cat. Share some of the statistics around black cats being left in shelters. You could also do some myth busting posts about black cats.

Homeless Animals Day you could create a resource for people on how they can help, where they can drop supplies and what supplies are needed.

National Watermelon Day is perfect to promote watermelon dog treats. You could also talk about how important it is to keep your dog hydrated.

And World Photo Day – great for asking people to share pictures of your pets.

Also – don’t forget to keep marketing your services. That’s super important too. We want engaged social media – but we also need sales

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