Marketing Your Pet Business In April: Tips For Pet Professionals

April Marketing

As we move into Quarter 2 it’s important to reflect on the work you have done up to now and what you need to improve on and develop to keep moving forward.

The following 3 things are definitely something we should all be considering as we move through the year to help us better connect with our ideal customer.

#1. Track Everything

I am pretty good at tracking the growth of my website visitors, social media following etc. But it’s not enough to say we got 100 new Facebook Fans this month, instead we should be looking at who the followers are, what their habits are and how we can re market to them.

Do you know how your last blog post did? Did you promote it enough? Who shared it? Was anyone interested in it? Should you write more about the subject?

I have said before I think people treat blogging as a task that they have ticked off their To Do List – when really the blog post is just the start! The promo and analysis that comes after is almost more important.

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#2. Tell Your Story

Story telling is such an important part of your content. Making sure your personality comes through and that each piece of content resonates with your audience.

The personal connection you can create through content is very powerful and not something that you should be ignoring. How can you weave who you are and what you businesses is about into everything you write – without being salesy!

Practice writing your story and getting clear on what makes you unique.

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#3. Video/Audio Creates a Connection

As we move our business forward customers will be looking to consume our content via video. This has been evident for some time.

I know it’s a scary concept and video is not my favourite thing to do, but a great way to get comfortable talking to your audience is to start a podcast. Think of your ideal customers and how they consume content. You may find you have a lot of Podcast listeners.

Or maybe get comfortable using Insta Stories – this is short, easy to consume content that allows you to tell your story.

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Marketing Your Pet Business In April

There are so many pet days this month. I’ve included some below, but what I tend to do is pick out a few that I can tie in with some content I want to produce. I tend to pick ones I can create evergreen content for (content that doesn’t ‘expire’) so that I can re-purpose it every year.

You can see my notes and suggestions in red below on some of the pet days this month. You don’t need to cover all of them, cover the ones that will get you traffic to your blog or engagement on Social Media.

Don’t forget the non pet related days as well – like Easter!


  • National Adopt a Greyhound Adoption Month
  • National Heartworm Awareness Month – I would recommend a blog post on this as you could promote it all year round.
  • National Pet First Aid Awareness Month – You could suggest what to put into a first aid kit or review the best kits to purchase
  • Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month
  • Prevention of Lyme Disease in Dogs Month – This is one of my most popular blog posts.


  • International Pooper Scooper Week – April 1-7 – FB Promo on the importance of picking up dog poop!
  • National Pet ID Week – Third Full Week of April starting with Sunday


  • National Dog Farting Awareness Day – April 8
  • National Pet Day – April 11 – Great day to promo on FB and get people sharing pictures of their pets.
  • Pet Owners Independence Day – April 18
  • National Lost Dog Awareness Day – April 23 – Blog post on how to find a lost dog. Really useful to share any time someone loses a dog.
  • International Guide Dog Day – Last Wednesday in April – Perhaps you could interview your local guide dog association
  • National Kids and Pets Day – April 26 – Blog post on kids and pets, what age should they get one etc.
  • Hairball Awareness Day – Last Friday in April – Blog post – What is a hairball and how to prevent it?
  • World Veterinary Day – Last Saturday in April

What Do You Plan To Promote This Month? Let Me Know In The Comments Below.


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