5 Ways To Position Your Marketing During Covid To Increase Bookings

It’s been a tough few months – with so much uncertainly across the entire world. But, as things are starting to open up in many areas Pet Business Owners are starting to wonder when their business will see an increase in bookings.

Can they carry on with business if their customers don’t come back on the schedule?

It’s natural for us to want things to go back to ‘normal’ – but for now we need to deal with what we have and do what we can to increase bookings.

With that in mind I have put together some things you can work on straight away to get more bookings in your business.

5 Ways To Position Your Marketing During Covid To Increase Bookings

#1. Start talking about why people need a Dog Walker

Right now people might think they don’t need a Dog Walker. They are working from home and they feel they can manage their own dogs walks.

Perhaps they even think that you wouldn’t want to walk their dog because they can do it themselves.

Our job is to highlight why a Dog Walker can still be a benefit to them and their dog – even though they now have a different working/life arrangement.

Highlight the ways it might be useful

  • During work meetings
  • When they have to do homeschooling with their kids
  • When they need to do housework
  • On their lunch break

#2. Address the problems you can solve for pet owners

a) Anxious Pets – a return to work could leave their dog feeling very anxious. Highlight the benefits of keeping up with their walks while they are home – to make it easier for their dog when they go back to work.

b) Bored Pets – my dogs get really bored if ignored while I am working. And then they become noisy and destructive. Talk about how you can get them out of the house and burn off all that excess energy while they have work to do or online meetings to attend.

c) Extra Pounds – we all have been moving a bit less and gained a few Covid pounds 😛 It’s likely some dogs might have done too – so why not offer some weight loss walks!

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#3. Talk about the routine of a pet and their Sitter/Walker

Dogs like routine and they probably loved that time alone with their Dog Walker. Talk about the benefits of routine, the pros of their dog getting out for a long walk each day and getting one on one attention.

Even if a daily walk is not an option (for whatever reason) a few walks a week can help keep a dog in a routine for when their owner returns to work.

#4. Promote Staycations in your area

Promote places people can take a break. Even if they take their dog you could still care for their cat.

Why not talk about travelling with your dog? Be open to different types of pet visits.

Maybe you promote home security visits if they are taking their dog and have no pets.

#5. Talk about being open for business and taking on new customers

Stop waiting for your old customers to come back and start looking for new ones.

Yes they may come back, but you can’t wait forever for that to happen.

So keep marketing your business and letting people know you are available for Pet Sits and Dog Walks. You’ve built your business once – you it will be easier a second time 😍


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