Why It’s Important To Keep Marketing Your Pet Business During Covid-19

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By now we are all experiencing the effects of Covid-19 on our businesses. It’s been a period of shock, stress, worry, grief and probably lots more emotions.

But as we now start to navigate our new ‘normal’ you should be putting a plan in place to market your Pet Business.

It’s my belief that those that take this time to work on their business and be proactive about marketing will find it easier when we can get back to work.

Why It’s Important To Keep Marketing Your Pet Business During Covid-19

You might be thinking there is no point to market my business, I can’t help anyone at the moment and I might as well take a little holiday for myself and relax at home. And I totally get that! Some days I feel the same.

But – those that do take time to work on their business will reap the rewards down the line. And let’s face it – there is only so much TV you can watch and chocolate you can eat.

#1. You have time at the moment

Our biggest asset right now is time. That’s all we have really – so why not put it to good use. Maybe commit to a certain number of hours each day you are going to work on your business.

No-one says you have to work 8 hours a day and never take a break – but dedicating a portion of your day/week to work on your business is important.

Remember all the times you said you would love to write a blog, send a newsletter, update your website – BUT you didn’t have time! Well now you do…so don’t waste that time.

#2. People have time to consume your content

People are on social media a lot more at the moment, so you have a greater chance of people seeing/reading your content.

They are looking for information to consume and fun/inspirational content to read.

If people are reading your content now, once we all get back to work you have the opportunity to re-target those readers with ads for your services.

Re-targeting people who have already interacted with your content gives a much higher return on your investment as they are already familiar with you and your business.

#3. Your customers need to keep hearing from you

We need to keep connected to our customers so that when we are back open they know about it and are more likely to come back to us.

We don’t know how long this will last and so creating a strong bond with your customers is important.

This can be in the form of useful articles, a newsletter or just inspirational/fun messages on social media.

Remember – so much is going on in people’s lives at the moment that you want to keep top of mind…and this is so easy to do if you are marketing your business.

#4. You will connect with new clients

As I mentioned people have more time to be on social media and are reading more content.

So, they will see your content and if their service provider doesn’t return to the pet industry or doesn’t keep in touch enough – you will pick up new customers.

It’s highly unlikely all your customers will come back to you straight away. Sadly not everyone will be returning to work – so you need to account for that and market accordingly.

#5. Your competitors won’t bother – so you should!

There will only be a small percentage of people that bother to market their business so why not be part of those that do.

You will be thankful you did when you have customers booking because you kept in touch with them and showed you care.


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