Marketing A Pet Business: How To Market Your Pet Business When You Don’t Have Time!

Marketing Pet Business

I get a lot of comments from Pet Business owners saying that they don’t have time when it comes to marketing their pet business because they are too busy walking dogs, feeding cats. grooming dogs and generally minding the pets they care for. Then they are hiring staff, dealing with client bookings, answering the phone…and so on!

I really do understand, because when I started my Pet Sitting Business I didn’t feel like I had time either.

But what I quickly realised was that if you are not marketing your pet business all of the time then you will soon find that you have patches of time in the year when you are quiet – and being quiet means no income.

In order to grow your business you need to keep adding clients. Pet owners move, pets sadly pass away and often their owners circumstances change.

Therefore keeping your marketing active all year round is a must.


I need 5 new daily dog walking clients – can you help?

It’s not uncommon for me to get emails like this several times a week. The business owner needs to add more clients to their daily dog walking, and they want to do it NOW.

Of course it is quite achievable to get 5 new clients in a week, even a day. We do this in our Pet Sitting business all the time – but we are not turning the marketing on an off. We are consistent….we have a marketing plan and a strategy that is about client attraction and client retention.

Why don’t pet business owners have time?

It’s not always about not having time in business, it is often about what choices you have decided to make.

If you need to do grocery shopping for dinner do you make time? If you have a party to go to and have nothing to wear do you make time? If you child was sick and you needed to go to the doctors with them would you make time?

Yes you would!

So, can you make time to take action every day to market you pet business?

Yes you can!

I am not talking about spending hours on Facebook, days writing  blogs posts and months designing Facebook Ads – I am asking if you can find a set amount of time each day to market you business and attract more clients to you.

Actions that mean you are not freaking out when things get quiet and that you are in control of the amount of money you earn each mont, rather than stressing if you can pay your bills at the end of each month.


How To Market Your Pet Business

There are lots of ways to market you business which I covered in a recent article.

Pick 3 things that you can do well – one of which HAS to be blogging.

I have lots of articles on why blogging is so important that you can read through, but in a nutshell if you are not blogging you are almost invisible to people on the internet, and being invisible means no clients!

Commit to these things and do them consistently every day.

This is the EXACT strategy I use to get 10,000 visitors to my site every month and 100’s of customers wanting my services.

Consistency is Key – you can’t just pick up your marketing when you want new customers and expect them to always be there for you.

What 3 Marketing Activities Are You Going To Choose?

Let me know in the comments below.



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