6 Simple Ways to Market Your Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Business and Get Bookings

It’s always best to keep it simple when it comes to marketing! Especially when you’re starting out.

My advice is always to choose one or 2 simple methods and use them consistently until they’re working well for you. Then you can add in more.

6 Simple Ways to Market Your Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Business and Get Bookings

#1. Flyers, Posters and Cards in Local Shops

Simple old school marketing that works!

With Apps like Canva you can even create professional-looking flyers and cards yourself.

You can post them through letter boxes and in local shops that allow it.

Keep your flyers simple and make your phone number or email very prominent.

Pick out some colours and fonts you like – it’s never too early to start branding so you’re easily recognised!

#2. Social Media

It’s never been easier to have an online presence and promote your business for free using social media!

Pick the platform you enjoy most and start there.

It really is easy but you must make sure to be consistent! Set aside time each week to plan, create and schedule your posts.

Mix it up with 

  • Engagement posts e.g. ‘Selfie Saturday’ where you ask people to post selfies with their pets
  • Educational posts e.g. ‘Tips for walking your dog when it’s raining’
  • And don’t forget promotional posts! People need to know about your services, mix them in with fun and educational posts to get the best response

I’ll say this again as it’s so important – Be Consistent! It takes a while to build your audience, but stick with it and you’ll soon build momentum!

If you want more help with Social Media, check out my Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers Marketing Planner

#3. Networking

You can do this online and in person. Get to know other local pet or pet-friendly businesses in your area and engage with them on Social Media and / or in real life.

Share there offers, events and blog posts and people will follow you. And they’re more likely to share your offers too.

You may even come up with collaborations you can offer together. It’s a great way to get well known in your area and get bookings.

#4. Blogging

It may seem more of an effort to set up a blog, but it’s SO worth it.

When I launched my business 12 years ago I blogged religiously, answering the questions I knew my customers were asking about pets, pet sitting and dog walking and I credit my blog with growing my business.

Some of the blogs I wrote back then still bring traffic today and THAT is the beauty of blogging! Put the effort in today and it reaps rewards for years!

And once your blog is set up, it is relatively simple. As I said, it’s all about answering your customer’s questions.

If you want more help with Blogging, check out my Membership for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers.

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#5. Ratings and Testimonials

When you have some happy customers, ask them to rate you on Google or Facebook. Whenever they complement your service, it’s easy to just ask if they could post that as a review.

Google and Social media reviews are a great way to get more customers and that leads me on to…

#6. Referrals

As well as reviews you can also ask your happy customers for referrals!

People naturally want to help their friends and family and even strangers they meet out dog walking! And when you offer a good service you’ll start receive referrals.

You can encourage this with a referral scheme with a discount or a free walk for any referrals that book.

If you have a referral scheme, don’t forget to promote it.

Remember you don’t have to do all of these things at once! Pick one or two that feel the most fun and easy for you and BE CONSISTENT – I know I keep saying it, but it really is the key to building trust and gaining momentum.

Good luck and remember if you want my help I have the Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Marketing Planner and the Membership. Check them out and let me know if you have any questions.

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