How To Market Your Pet Business In 30 Minutes A Day

Market Pet Business

Do you struggle to find time each day to market your pet business?

When we get busy marketing our pet business is often the first thing to suffer. We obviously need to prioritise the day to day running of the business, but at the same time marketing needs to be an ongoing activity so that you have a steady stream of new enquiries and customers.

If you totally neglect your marketing when you do need customers you will find that it takes time for the momentum to build and for people to start responding to your marketing messages.

With that in mind I wanted to give you a plan you could use to market your business in just 30 minutes a day on the go! This will help you keep the minimum amount of marketing going while you are crazy busy.

How To Market Your Pet Business In 30 Minutes A Day

#1. Create a plan

If you don’t have any kind of a plan it’s highly likely you won’t post anything on your social media.

You will get busy, maybe think about marketing, but then think ugh I don’t have time and move on to something else.

But if you spend 20-30 mins at the start of each week thinking of a few things you can post during the week it will mean you have an outline of what to post ready to go.

I would suggest you prioritise the following posts:

  • 2 promotional posts about your services
  • 2 fun engagement posts (ask questions, fun memes, share a picture posts)
  • 2 blog posts that you have written OR if you don’t have any of your own share something educational that will interest your audience

And if you have the time quickly schedule them for throughout the week. Leaving you time during the week to share some fun pics of pets you are caring for.

#2. Use Mobile Apps

Your phone is just as good sometimes as sitting down at the PC. I do so much of my social media either on my phone or my ipad.

Here are some of my favourite apps for on the go.

  • Canva – For making graphics. It can be a little bit awkward sometime to create anything too complicated. But it’s handy just for a quick post.
  • InShot – Brilliant for editing videos on the go. Super simple and easy to use.
  • Trello – I use this for list of post ideas and also for storing graphics.
  • Evernote – Really handy for storing posts or writing blogs for later. You can access on your phone and on your PC.
  • Planoly – I use this for scheduling my instagram posts.

See which ones work for you best and set up your own system so you can create content on the go. Standing in line, waiting for an appointment, 10 minutes between jobs – they are all perfect times to create something to market your business.

#3. Quality Over Quantity

Don’t just post things for the sake of it. Make each post count.

Think what are you trying to achieve – what outcome do you want from the post? Is it for fun to engage your audience, do you want to get more enquiries, do you want to show yourself as a pet expert?

I see so many people posting graphics that get no engagement just to tick the job off their list. When they would be far better off just creating something fun and meaningful.

Remember … it’s social media – not post and run media!

What do you do to make sure you stay on top of your social media? Let me know in the comments.


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