How to Stick to Your 2020 Marketing Resolutions and Actually Make More Sales!

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It’s that time of year. When we get excited for the fresh new start a new year brings – a new DECADE! Even better!

And gone is the old you who goes gung ho for the first 3 weeks of January only to slip back into your old ways and not see any results again next year!

Except she’s not gone anywhere really has she? The old you?

That’s the biggest mistake people make when they plan their marketing strategy for the New Year.

They forget they’re still gonna be THEM when it’s time to execute the plan!

And that’s why there’s all the excitement of how amazing it’s gonna be! Because you don’t have to worry about actual DOING it now. You get to just pump your fist at how awesome it’s gonna be without the work!

Then January comes and it’s cold and dark and all the partying is over and you still have all the running of your business to do…

And you just don’t have the time or energy to keep the grand plan going! So you slow down on the fist pumping and slowly slip back into your old routines, beating yourself up as you go and never realise the sales you’re truly capable of…

So how about making this year different. Not just CONVINCING yourself it’s gonna be different with all your hype!

How to Stick to Your 2020 Marketing Resolutions and Actually Make More Sales!

Here’s what I do to plan my social media marketing in advance in a way that means I DON’T have to leap out of bed raring to go at 5am and I still get it all done consistently so I can grow my social media and actually gain new clients and make more sales every single day.

1) Plan in advance

I have a monthly planning session for my social media – that lets me create content around any relevant seasonal events and awareness days in advance so my content gets plenty of engagement and shares.

2) Get support and account ability

It’s so easy to let things slide if you’re going it alone!

You can set up your own accountability group with your business buddies or join one (ahem, wouldn’t it be great if there was one customers built for Pet Business Owners…? ;-))

In all seriousness this is the number one way to stay on track. Have the accountability to do what you said you were gonna do and get the support to keep going when you lose sight of why you started.

3) Use apps to keep it simple!

Scheduling apps and in-built scheduling within social media platforms to schedule your weekly content.

Graphics apps to create a week’s worth of images in a few minutes.

And use the trendy new features social platforms are always introducing to make it simple for you to post and get great engagement.

Gifs, polls, emojis, filters and stories are all amazing simple ways to get engagement.

4) Make the most of what works!

I’ve been doing this for years now and I know the type of posts that work year in, year out.

Sometimes they need tweaking and updating.

Some blog posts get me engagement and clients with no further work years after I’ve written them!

And if you want help with what works to gain new clients and sales every day in 2020?

Join the Pet Business Owners Marketing Planner 2020!

It’s literally copy and paste posts for every day of the year including all the seasonal and awareness days you’d probably never think of!

As well as the support and accountability.

AND ‘how to’ videos showing you how to create that shareable content using free apps in minutes.

Join us and get past the end of January with this new year’s resolution – I’ve been going 10 years and counting so you really can make it last when you keep it simple and get support.


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