5 Ways To Attract More Local Traffic To Your Website

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Once you start a business and have a website you can get traffic from anywhere in the world. You could be in the USA and someone here in Ireland could be reading your blog post.

Pretty amazing really!

But there is one problem with that – unless you have a product you can sell to that person then all that traffic outside of your local area is wasted as they can never buy anything from you.

For a service-based business this can be a real issue. We want to grow our audience, but we want to grow it locally to our business.

5 Ways To Attract More Local Traffic To Your Website

#1. Blog About Local Events

If you are writing about local events, then it’s likely the people searching for information about those events are going to live in your local area.

Don’t feel that you can only write about pet events, you could blog about any events that people with pets might attend.

In fact, you could argue that if someone is looking for pet related events they won’t need your services as they will be taking their dog with them!

You could do a regular post each month with everything happening in the area that month or you could update people weekly.


#2. Blog About Local Businesses

The best way to create relationships with local businesses is to blog about them. This could be in the form of an interview face to face, or a phone/email interview.

The main point of this is to get to know the business, for them to understand what you do and perhaps in the future you could collaborate on something together. Maybe a competition or an event.

This don’t always have to be pet related businesses. People with pets do buy things other than pet products!


#3. Create a Guide To Your Local Area

A guide to everything in your area is a great resource for people and if done well can be successful in terms of ranking locally on Google.

Think of everything a Pet Lover would want to know about in your area and create a resource for them.

This could be a blog post or an ebook. If you are going to be updating it regularly then a blog post is probably easier to manage.


#4. Review Local Attractions/Businesses

When people are deciding to go somewhere they often look for reviews of products/services. If you have reviewed lots of places in your local area, then when they are searching on Google your review will come up.

Staying top of mind is so important for a local business. If Pet Owners keep seeing your resources everywhere then the chances are when they are looking for pet related services, they will remember you.


#5. Run Facebook Ads Targeting People In Your Local Area

Facebook is excellent for targeting local pet lovers. With a Facebook Ads you can really niche down on the type of person you want to see your ad.

Running ads promoting blog posts and selling services can be a great way to attract more customers to your business and become more ‘known’ in your local area.

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