Why Is Local Search Important For Your Pet Business?

Local Search Pet Business

Getting traffic to your website is so important in generating new enquiries for your service. If you don’t have people coming to your website then how you can use your website to show them what you have to offer.

Very often when people enter into the world of creating content for their business they talk about what they do and how they do it. Which is great!

Then they perhaps move onto talking about general pet care topics – again great!

But what they don’t do is really focus on becoming a resource for all things in their area.

So why is it important for you to make sure you create content about local things in your area so that you get local traffic (i.e. people living in your service area) coming to your website?

Why Is Local Search Important For Your Pet Business?

#1. If You Have a Small Service Area

If you only cover a small area then it’s really important you come up in Google search for searches made by people in that area.

Yes, articles about what you do and general pet care show off your expertise and create trust – but enquiries will come from people in your area that need services.

Nothing more frustrating than generating enquiries from people who live over the other side of the world!

#2. Be Seen As Part Of The Community

If you care about what is happening in your community – events that are going on, new businesses that are opening etc. – then you become part of the community.

Networking with other businesses through your content can be a great way to tap into their audience.

For example, a new pet store opens in town and you visit it and write a review about it – do you think they will be excited and share it with their audience? Of course they will!

Take it a step further and meet for coffee, do a joint collaboration and so on.

#3. Become Known As The Go To Pet Care Person In Your Area

When people think about pets, and things to do with them in your area, you want them to think of you. Become the go to person for everything in your area.

Your website becomes a resource for your local town.

Pet Friendly location, Dog parks, cafes, bakeries and so on.

#4. Local Traffic To Your Website Is More Beneficial

Having lots of traffic to your website gives you a nice warm fuzzy feeling – but having lots of local traffic to your website puts money in your bank!

We want to attract people who you can work with, who you can help with their pet care and who want a service just like theirs.

So while I still recommend showing your expertise about pets and what you do, it’s definitely important to have a balance of articles that really focus on your own service area.

#5. People in Your Area Aren’t Always Searching For What You Have

Make it easy for people to find you in many different ways. Someone might not realise they want a Pet Sitter (or even know what one is) so they won’t be searching for New York Pet Sitter.

But, they might be looking for a Dog Friendly Café in New York  – find your article – and then find out about you and what you do.

Create enough articles about things to do in New York and every time this person is looking for information on things to do with their dog they will keep seeing you.

Guess who they are using as a Pet Sitter next time they go away?

Have you embraced writing about everything in your local area? I’d love to hear what you do love to blog about in the comments below.


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