Local Content Checklist

Are you struggling to get more customers in your business?

Maybe you are getting website visitors but they are not from people in your service area?

Why is this?

Because you are not focusing on attracting Local Pet Owners.

Instead you are just attracting Pet Owners from around the world.

How Does This Happen?

It happens when you are not targeting your local service area.

If you are writing blog posts that talk about different elements of Pet Care, for example

  • ‘Why Does My Cat Follow Me Around?’
  • ‘Should My Dog Eat Grass?’
  • ‘How To Prepare For Halloween With Pets’

then you are not focusing in on pet owners that are in your local area…instead you are just targeting anyone with a pet that has those questions.

Google doesn’t know that you want to chat to people in your service area about preparing your pets for Halloween – Google just wants to show your blogs to anyone with that question.

So you could find that not one person in your service area sees that blog post (unless you are sharing a lot on social media)- and instead people who never will do business with you are enjoying that content.

Make sense? 

This is why you need to have a local area content strategy. So that you make sure that not only are you being educational (because yes still write those blog posts to help pet owners) but that you are specifically targeting people who might want to use your services in your local area.

How Do I Do This?

By becoming the go to resource for everything in your service area to do with pets.

  • Write about what pet owners can do in your town
  • Review the services that pet owners might want to use in your town
  • Interview/network with the people who offer pet related services in your town
  • Reach out to people in your local area

Think about it…these are the people you want to know about your services so it makes sense to write about the things they care about.

Download my checklist to help you get started with your local content strategy and finally reach the people who need your services right now.

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