5 Ways To Use The Link Sticker On Instagram Stories To Promote Your Pet Business

Stories Link Sticker

The link sticker on Instagram Stories has replaced the swipe up function that makes it possible to link out to other pages on the internet, for example sales pages, shopping carts etc.

The swipe up feature was previously only available to Instagram accounts with over 10k followers, but now Instagram has made the link sticker feature available to all users.

Essentially they are the same thing – the swipe up feature you literally swiped up the screen within stories and the external page opened. With the link stick you tap on it and it prompts to you open the external link.

The link sticker is located with all of the other Instagram Stickers – such as the poll feature, quiz features and gifs – and is another exciting opportunity for people to create a more interactive experience for followers.

But how can you be using the link sticker for your Pet Business?

5 Ways To Use The Link Sticker On Instagram Stories To Promote Your Pet Business

#1. Blog Post

If you are writing blogs for your pet business (which I highly recommend) then the link sticker means that you can now promote those blog posts on stories and encourage people to click the link to read the full article.

You could create something in canva promoting the blog post and add the link sticker.

Or, what I find is quick and easy to do is screenshot the blog post on your phone, upload that and add the sticker.

Quick and easy to do on the go!

#2. Promote Your Newsletter

If you are writing a newsletter each week then it’s a good idea to regularly promote that people sign up to it.

Create a page on your website where people can sign up to your newsletter and then promote the link to that page on stories – using the link sticker.

You could use some fun gifs to draw attention to it being a newsletter they are signing up for.

#3. Link to News Article

There is so much pet news online and if you see something your audience might like then why not link to it from your stories.

You could use the same methods as outlined for sharing a blog post above.

And you could include some of the stats/facts from the article and create polls about them asking people’s opinion.

#4. Promote A Service

It’s important to keep promoting your services and with the link sticker you can direct followers to read your services page on your website or head to your contact form.

You could promote your services by doing the following:

  • Sharing a grid post to your stories and then adding text and the link sticker to it
  • Creating a graphic to promote your services in Canva and adding the link sticker
  • Taking a picture of the pet you are caring for, for example walking a dog, add text about the service and the link sticker

#5. Sell A Product

If you sell a physical product you could use the link sticker in the same way as you would for a service.

It’s a great way to take people directly to the item you are promoting rather than make them go to a link in your bio for the main store and try and find the product themselves.

What are you going to try first? Let me know in the comments


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