What To Do When You Lack Motivation In Business


I think we all go through phases where we lack motivation, I know I do. Most of the time I am focused on what I need to get done and I work towards that every day. But sometimes I go through times when I really can’t be bothered to write another blog post, come up with another idea or generally just do anything.

We are told all over social media that we need to be hustling 24/7 and working millions of hours a week to get things done.

We are bombarded with Facebook posts all day long of people’s ‘Facebook Lives’ where they are making millions, shopping in designer stores and jetting all over the world.

So when the motivation is missing what do we do to make sure that we keep moving in the right direction and are not distracted by the seemingly amazing success of everyone on Facebook and the pressure to work every hour of the day?

5 Tips To Stay Motivated In Business

#1. Grab A Coffee and a Cake

Sometimes you just need to step away, grab a coffee and some cake (rude to have one without the other!) and take time to re evaluate what is causing the lack of motivation. Is what you doing not working for you? Do you need to change your approach? Maybe you need a completely new direction?

#2. Change of Scene

When we have an office job we have no choice but to sit at the same desk, looking at the same view, talking to the same people. But when you have your own business you can work wherever you want.

Sometimes when you are not feeling motivated a change of work space can make all the difference. That could be working from a coffee shop or renting some co working space to help get things done.

There are lots of free and inexpensive ways you can change things up.


#3. New Ideas

Sometimes we lose our motivation because we get tired of the doing the same things day after day. That’s why it’s important to come up with new ideas all the time to keep things fresh and interesting.

If you aren’t motivated to blog for example then perhaps change the subject you are blogging about and make it more fun. Blog about something you are passionate about and involve your social media followers.

Getting feedback and interaction is great for motivating yourself.

#4. Take a Break

Sometimes a break is what you need. Go shopping, get to the movies or just chill out at home. Stepping away from things for 5 minutes or 5 hours can be good. There is no point sitting forcing yourself to do things when you don’t have the motivation for them.

Step away, re focus and come back with a fresh new approach.

#5. Read Some Books

There are lots of great motivational books that you can read from numerous different authors. If reading isn’t your thing then why not listen to some motivational podcasts that will inspire you.

Don’t fancy that – then grab a movie. Sometimes some reality TV and a break can re energise you. And you never know where new ideas will be inspired from!

How do you keep motivated? I’d love to hear in the comments below.


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