Labor Day Marketing Ideas For Pet Business Owners

Labor Day Marketing

There are plenty of ways that a Pet Business Owner can market their business for Labor Day and in this article I am going to outline some different Labor Day Marketing options whether you are looking for new clients or not.

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Labor Day Marketing Ideas For Pet Business Owners

#1. Encourage People To Book Early

If you are not fully booked for Labor Day then make sure you are consistently marketing that you have available space for more clients. You could do this via emails to your existing customers or you could post on social media.

If you are posting on social media then plan out the days you are going to post and make sure you stick to that schedule. With social media posts people don’t always see them the first time you post – so make sure you have a few posts going out.

Consider reaching out to people who used your services this time last year and see if they are planning to travel again. There is nothing wrong with reaching out several times to get those booking locked in. And don’t be afraid to say to people that you have limited availability to encourage them to commit to the dates they need nice and early.

#2. Educate About Labor Day And Your Pets

There are so many pieces of content that you could create around Labor Day activities – things that help to educate pet owners on any potential dangers that could occur.

For example:

  • BBQ tips to keep your pets safe.
  • Tips to keep your pets cool in the heat
  • Foods that are dangerous to pets
  • Tips for travelling around Labor Day

Use software like Canva to turn these into graphics for social media. Or create blog content that you can share on social media.

#3. Let People Know What’s Going On

People will want to know what is happening in your area for Labor Day. So you could either share other people’s post about different activities or create a resource yourself listing all the Labor Day events happening.

If there are not many events in your area you could create a list of suggested activities to do with your pets on Labor Day.

Things like hike, coffee shops, dog parks etc.

The idea is that people will start to see you as a local resource for all things to do with your pets.

Let me know if you are going to try some of these marketing tips in the comments below


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