Do You Know What Your Customers Think About Your Pet Business?

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There is so much information on the internet about how to promote your business, how to sell to them and how to get them on board as a new customer. But how often do you stop to think how much your customers love you and your business.

My guess is if you are growing your business you might have forgotten to keep checking in with them to make sure they are happy.

And if that’s the case…that’s a big mistake.

A lot of customer won’t tell you they aren’t happy – they just leave and find another service provider. So, it’s up to you to make sure you constantly measure their happiness levels!

3 Ways to Keep Your Customers Happy

#1. Surveys

A survey is a great way to reach out to customer and find out what they really think about the service they receive. Let your customers know why you are doing the survey and tell them you want their help by giving you honest feedback.

Make sure you do this regularly to find out if there are things you can improve on or if there are areas they are not happy with.

Make sure your questions aren’t loaded for a positive answer only. If there is something they are not happy with you want to know.

You might even find that there are new services that they are interested in that you could consider adding. (Note – Don’t add a service based on one person asking for it! Make sure you do your research as well in the market place.)


#2. Ask them

Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and ask your customers how they are finding the service, is there anything you could do better, are they happy with the staff member that is taking care of them.

People will appreciate you taking the time to make that call and show that you care about them.

If you have regular ‘bread and butter’ clients then you need to touch base with them regularly. Don’t let them become so dissatisfied they feel they need to look elsewhere.

People will often be more open about their feelings if you get chatting to them on the phone.


#3. Happiness Programme

Are you showing your customers some love? Are you showing appreciation for their business?

We don’t have to shower our clients with gifts, but you can appreciate them with a thank you card or a small personalised gift every now and then.

Don’t send them something with your branding on it, instead think of something more personal that they would appreciate.

For example, if you have a cat customer whose cat loves a particular toy then you could purchase one of those and send it to them with a little note written to the cat thanking them for being a cool cat.


People become unhappy with a service provider for the smallest of reasons. If you keep on top of customer service then you are more likely to retain them as a long-term client.


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