7 Reasons You Should Join the Pet Business Owners Membership

Pet Business Owners Membership

There are so many courses, coaches and free Facebook groups out there set up to help Pet Professionals. It’s amazing the amount of support there is to help someone grow their Pet Business. Some are obviously better than others, some of more expensive than others and some probably aren’t a great fit for everyone.

When I decided to focus solely on the Pet Business Owners Membership I knew that I wanted to make it the best resource that I could for Pet Professionals so they could to build a business with strong foundations and then grow it to the size they wanted.

Everything I add to the membership site, and I am always adding more content, is what I have tried and tested and has worked for me and lots of other Pet Professionals.

7 Reasons You Should Join the Pet Business Owners Membership

#1. You can learn at your own pace

All the trainings inside the membership are available 365 days 24/7 so you can work when you want, where you want and at your own pace.

We all have other things to do in our business so it’s unrealistic to expect you to turn up for classes at a specific time. Plus, you might want to work through the modules more than once.

#2. I focus on the 4 key elements you need for a strong foundation

The trainings are split into 4 key areas.

  1. Content
  2. Social Media
  3. Operations
  4. Customer Retention

I cover how to create content in various forms, how to get it in front of people using social media and ads, how to run your business so that it’s a well-oiled machine and how to keep all those customers you sign up.

You need to make sure all these areas are covered to have a solid business.

#3. You get my support daily

There is no point me selling you a course and sending you on your way to figure it out yourself. You’d probably never do the course and if you had questions then you’d end up giving up if you had no-one to answer them.

That’s why we have the Facebook Group for you to visit and ask questions when you want to. I’m in there all the time and other group members will always jump in and help if they can.

#4. You can the support of other awesome Pet Professionals

I only want awesome people in the group. It’s so important that we support and encourage each other. We all have different strengths and can offer each other a lot of help.

Plus, it’s nice to hang out with people who understand a Pet Business isn’t all about cute puppies and kittens.

#5. It’s a safe environment to hang out in

I don’t tolerate any nasty behaviour. One of the things I find very sad about free Facebook groups is that there can be bitching and complaining.

That’s just not how we roll here – I don’t want anyone to feel afraid to ask a question in case someone is mean to them.

#6. There are no airy-fairy theories in this membership group

I’ve said it before that I don’t think someone who isn’t in the Pet Industry could really advise someone on how to run a Pet Business. I just find that you can deliver better results when you are in the industry.

It’s changing so much all the time it’s good to be in touch on a day to day basis with what’s going on.

#7. To be successful you need to invest in some type of training

There are millions of free online trainings and Facebook groups when you can get a host of advice for nothing.

But, if you are serious about your business you need to invest in training. Whether that’s a membership site like this or in reading lots of books and attending industry events.

If you really want to be in a different place this time next year then the Membership Site will certainly move the needle in the right direction for you.

It’s exactly what I would have LOVED when I started my business to save me wasting time making all those crazy mistakes in the beginning. Find out more HERE


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