5 Types Of Instagram Posts You Should Be Posting

Instagram Posts

You probably think that all you need to post on Instagram are pictures of cats and dogs, but to stand out on Instagram you really need to be sharing a more varied selection of Instagram Posts.

It’s good to have different things to share that your followers can relate to. It’s also important to have a style that matches your business.

There are lots of accounts that you can get inspiration from, but it’s always important to come up with something that is all about YOU and what YOU do!

Think about

  • Brand colours
  • Your personal style – formal or casual
  • The look and feel of your account
  • What you want your followers to connect with on your account

And of course don’t be afraid to try things out and see if they work.

5 Types Of Instagram Posts You Should Be Posting

#1. Dogs

Obviously we want to post pictures of dogs. But good pictures!

No blur, no dirty laundry in the background and no bad shots!

#2. Cats

If you take care of cats then make sure you represent them on your account. It can be hard to get good pictures of cats, but it’s worth making the effort to try and get some stunning shots!

Take lots of pictures and pick the best! Don’t settle for just an OK shot..you want something good.

#3. Inspirational/Fun Quotes

People love inspirational quotes and although I am not a fan of accounts just post only quotes, I think done in an interesting way they can be really cool. Fun quotes have also become extremely popular and can lead to a lot of engagement on your account. Something that makes pet owners go…”That’s me!” …always works really well.

#4. Events

If you are hosting events then make sure people see the pictures of people enjoying them. People LOVE pictures of pets with people on instagram. It’s also nice to show that you are out and about in your community.

Tips: take loads of pictures and pick the BEST!


#5. You And Your Team

Let people get to know you and your team. People like to get to know the faces behind the company.

It’s a great way to build trust with new/potential customers.


My top tip… Take loads of photos ALL of them time and then use the best ones. It’s better not to post anything if you don’t have a good picture!

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