5 Reason You Should Use Instagram For Your Pet Business


Instagram boasts 800 million monthly active users, so it’s probably somewhere you need to start looking to promote your business.

I have always liked Instagram for my personal photos but it’s only the last 6 months that I have really started to invest time in learning more about how I can really leverage the power of Instagram for my business.

And I don’t mean just posting more pictures, I mean really looking at how I can target the right people, grow my audience and generate leads for my business.

5 Reason You Should Use Instagram For Your Pet Business

#1. Easy to Use on The Go

I love that I can be sitting waiting for my lunch and I can open the Instagram app on my phone, chat to a few people and create a post for my account.

Everything can be done easily from your phone without the need to spend hours creating images and writing long articles.

It’s as simple as selecting an image, writing an engaging caption and then posting it to Instagram with some relevant hashtags.


#2. East to Target People in Your Local Area

What I love about Instagram is you can use the hashtag search function to find people in your area and start a conversation with them.

It’s easy to look for hashtags mentioning your town name, for example #NewYork and see who has pets.

Or maybe you could look up #DogsOfNewYork #NewYorkDogWalks and so on.

Get creative by looking at accounts your ideal customers might follow and start conversations with people commenting on there.

#3. You Can Start Conversations with Pet Owners

I really like Social Media platforms where you can reach out to people and start conversations with them as it puts you in control of growing your platform.

You could spend 10 minutes a couple of times a day finding new Pet Owners in your area to follow and interact with them. These are people who potentially are going to need your services at some stage – so you want to make friends with them!


#4. Not Many People Doing It Well

There are very few Pet Companies doing a great job on Instagram and I bet there are not many, if any, in your area.

This gives you the chance to create an account that stands out and appeals to potential customers.

You don’t need to post thousands of pictures each day either. One quality image and some time spent engaging with people is a perfect strategy to you started.

Be the stand out account in your area for your niche!


#5. Insta Stories!

If you have not checked out insta stories yet then I highly recommend you do, as this is where people are really hanging out.

Instagram Stories is a feature that lets you post photos and videos that don’t appear in your normal Instagram feed and disappear unless you save them to your highlights after 24 hours.

This is a place where you can show people a more personal and less ‘perfect’ version of yourself on Instagram.

You can share tips, tricks, news, behind the scenes pictures and much more!


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