How to Increase Revenue From Existing Customers In Your Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Business

If you want to increase revenue then it’s easier to sell more to an existing happy customer than to find a new one.

And when a customer finds a business they love and trust, they WANT to use that business more.

So, if you want to make additional revenue with the customers you already have then here are some additional offers you can make to your customers.

#1. Poop Scooping & Litter Tray Cleaning

This is an easy add-on to Dog Walking and a great additional service to customers who want it. While you are at a customers home you can offer to clean up their yard or do regular deep cleans of their litter boxes.

It’s a win win for both you and the customer!

#2. House Sitting / Check In When They Travel With Their Pet

If  you Pet Sit or Dog Walk for a customer, they already know they can trust you and you can offer to check their home when they travel with their pets. It’s a natural extension of the relationship you’ve worked hard to establish.

You could offer the option of a full live in service (if that works for you) or you can offer to do checks ins – much like you might do a quick 20 minute potty break for a dog.

#3. Pet to Vet Taxi

This is a great service for pet owners who don’t have a car to get their pet to the Vet / Groomer easily or someone who just doesn’t have time with their work schedule.

It also makes great use of your time in-between morning, midday and evening visits.

#4. Wedding / Special Occasion Service

There’s huge growth in the number of people including their pets in weddings and special occasions! But it can be stressful – there’s a reason they say ‘Never work with children or animals!

You can take away the stress for your customers who already trust you and their pets know you – it’s such a pleasure to be part of these special occasions!

#5. Sell Products

There’s no limit to the range of products you can sell! As a trusted Pet expert in your local area or even more widely through blogging and social media, your customers or followers will want your recommendations and to buy from you!

This can be anything from accessories and food to toys and even gadgets you’d recommend. You can physically sell these or create affiliate links so your customers can buy them online


There are so many additional offers you can make to your customers. They already trust you and the offers are genuinely valuable to them, so it’s a real win:win for everyone!

Start with one of these that feels exciting or easy for you to add, or maybe you have a different idea of your own. 

I’d love to hear how it goes for you, so be sure to let me know!


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