How to Increase Your Pet Sitting Prices and Why You Should

How to increase your Pet Sitting Prices and Why You Should

The cost of everything seems to be increasing more quickly than ever. And that means your Pet Sitting & Dog Walking prices likely need to increase too.

In this blog we’ll look at how and why to increase your Pet Sitting prices as easily as possible.

How to Increase Your Pet Sitting Prices and Why You Should

How to Increase Your Pet Sitting Prices

First consider;

  • How long since you last increased prices
  • Have your business costs increased – consider wages, fuel, office rental & supplies, software – all of your outgoings
  • And speaking of wages, do they need an increase with the cost of living increasing. For yourself and your staff / contractors
  • Has your profitability reduced

Taking all of these things into account will answer whether you should as well as how much the increase needs to be

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How to Let Your Clients Know

Once you’ve decided to increase your prices and how much they’re increasing by, do you need to let your clients know?

It depends on your clients and your business.

  • Clients who have regular bookings e.g. daily dog walks need to know so they can budget. We always like to give them as much notice as possible before their charges change.
  • Clients who book on a more ad-hoc basis e.g. Pet Sitting clients will find out next time they book.
  • New clients will find out from your updated website information and pricelists

How Do You Tell Clients Your Prices Are Increasing?

The best way is to keep it simple, be direct and let people know when they need to (which is when they have a booking)

A simple email detailing the effective date and the new prices is all that’s needed

It can be tempting to justify the increase, but this tends to open up unnecessary discussion, so just stick to the announcement

Be sure to update everywhere you have pricing including;

  • Website
  • Booking system
  • Social Media
  • Print media
  • Advertising

What To Do if Your Clients Complain About the New Prices or Try To Negotiate?

No one’s going to be over the moon with this news. But most will understand and accept it.

It’s your choice whether to negotiate with clients. Bear in mind that it may mean you need to remember to make manual changes and can make things difficult if other clients find out.

You may lose some clients over the new pricing. Some simply won’t be able to afford the increase and may reduce or cancel their bookings. Some may try a cheaper service.

It’s never easy to lose clients, but losing clients who shop on price makes space for clients who value the quality professional service you offer. 

These are the clients who will stay with you long term and be easier to work with, so hold your nerve! The increase will cover the temporary losses.

How To Gain New Clients At Your New Rates

It’s wise to increase your marketing activity ahead of the price increase.

If you have the 2024 Pet Business Marketing Planner, check out the competition and blog post ideas to help attract new customers as well as upcoming national awareness days and promotional posts to help gain new bookings.

And if you don’t have it yet, now is a great time to invest in getting your marketing sorted for the whole year and ensure you’re bringing in new clients even when you’re making challenging changes in your business!

You can find all the details here 


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