Who Is My Ideal Client and Who Is Yours?

Ideal Client

We all work with people who when we see an email notification or phone call from them we light up because we are happy to hear from them. They are perfect in every way. They follow our systems, they love our business – they are our ideal client.

We secretly wish that all our clients were like this and we begin to resent those that are not.

But who’s fault is this? Is this our fault for working with non ideal clients who ‘annoy’ us or should the client change their ways to become the person we want them to be?

Who Is My Ideal Client?

For a long time I thought that my ideal client was someone with a pet related business who wanted to get more customers. They were keen to learn more about social media and had an interest in blogging.

Ooops I was wrong!

My ideal client is so much more than that. They have a drive like I do to grow my business, they have passion, determination and a commitment to getting things done.

They don’t have an endless supply of excuses for why things won’t work or haven’t done before – instead they accept where they are in their business and are hungry to move it to the next level.

And the biggest thing is that they realise they need my help and they want it now!

Why I Love My Ideal Clients?

When you find people that really are a dream to work with you can get the best results for them. Time isn’t being wasted with drama or excuses, instead they are laser focused and ready to take their business to where it needs to be.

They are also FUN to work with and you enjoy getting on a call with them each week and hearing about the progress they have made.

I can guarantee also that long term they are going to be your biggest cheerleaders!

Who Are Your Ideal Clients?

Have you thought about your ideal clients characteristics beyond them being pet owners? It’s ok to have more than one ideal client, I have several in my Pet Sitting Business.

Determining who your ideal client is means that you can talk to them in everything that they do. When you are blogging, advertising, chatting to prospective clients and so on.

To determine who your ideal clients are consider things like:

  • What their family circumstances are.
  • Who they hang out with
  • What they like to do
  • Where they travel to
  • What their profession is
  • Why and when they use your services

and so on..

You are  basically building out a picture of this person and everything about them. Maybe you already have the ideal customer and you can model your ideal customer persona on them.

What Next?

Make sure that everything you do in your business leads you to more of these Ideal Customers. Set up your systems and processes so you only work with these types of people.

You started your business so you could choose who you worked with – so make sure you are choosing the right people!

Let me know what type of customers you have in your business and how you plan to ‘talk’ to them in your blogs and marketing.


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