How To Promote Your Pet Sitting Business At Christmas

Are you looking for more customers in your business at Christmas? Do you want to make sure that you/your staff are all booked up and making the most of the busy festive season.

Promoting a small business can be challenging, but there are plenty of things you can do now to get prepared for Christmas and make sure you have all the bookings that you want.

3 Ways To Promote Your Pet Sitting Business At Christmas

#1. Get Writing

I know lots of you will be groaning at the thought of the dreaded subject of blogging, but it is key to the long term success of your business. Sites that are regularly updated are treated more favourably by Google. FACT.

So get creative and start writing about Christmas and the ways you can be helpful to your customers over the festive period.

Don’t make it all about you and your services – make it about them. What gifts they can buy their dog, what foods they should avoid, places they can go at Christmas…and so on.

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#2. Get Inspirational

It’s a fact that inspirational images get shared most on social media platforms. People just can’t help but be inspired by the words and images that are created for them to enjoy.

Whether it is a cute dog picture, an inspirational poem or an inspiring quote – people love to share them.

You might wonder how this will grow you business, but social media is all about creating engagement and brand awareness. So people sharing these images (with your logo and branding on) are letting people know about your business.

#3. Get Conversational

Social media is all about being social and so now is the time to get conversational with your existing followers and also start conversations with new followers.

Platforms like Twitter allow you to reach out to potential customers using their search function. It’s a great way to find your ideal customers and wish them a Merry Christmas.

Ask questions? Get opinions? Drive conversations!

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