I Don’t Know Where To Start To Promote My Business

Lots of people ask me how they should promote their business to get more customers. It’s something that all business owners think about and want to be good at.

After all if we don’t have customers then we don’t have a business.

I think what a lot of business owners forget though is that they need to get clear on who they want as customers in their business, and the image that they want to portray to those potential customers, before they start thinking about promoting their business.

I would even go as far as to say that you need to take a step back and check the foundations of your business are all in order before you start promoting it.

Once all the building blocks are in place it will be easy to showcase your business and connect with the right customers, rather than just throwing your business out there with no real plan.

These are just a few things that you need to consider

#1. Has your logo been professionally created with your brand image in mind?

Your logo is going to stay with you for a long time, so take time to get it right. It needs to be clear, professional and say what your business does.

Are you going for a corporate logo? Do you want a more cartoon/fun style? What shape do you want your logo to be? Is your logo Avatar friendly?


#2. What colours have you chosen to represent your brand?

Yes colours! They do mean something and can influence your potential customers to trust you more, or get excited about your brand.

What do you want potential customers to feel when they see your brand? Do you want them to trust you, get excited by your brand, feel like it’s a luxury service? It’s up to you.

#3. What is your business style?

Are you projecting a professional and corporate brand or are you more relaxed in your approach to doing business? Are you going to have policies and procedures that people need to follow and are you going to put them out there for all to see?

Do you want people to see you as just an animal lover who is in business to play with pets all day or do you want them to see you as a serious business owner who provides a quality service?

#4. Who is the face of the company going to be?

Are your promoting your company as being all about you? Or do you want to promote yourself as a team of people who work together to satisfy your clients.

Do you want to promote your team? Share stories about them? Let your customers know the story behind the brand.

#5. Have you determined what problems you solve for your customers?

You need to fully understand what your clients pain points are? What makes them tick? What worries them, what makes them happy and what do they consider most important when it comes to their pets?

Understanding your clients is key to being able to promote to them. You need to know who you want to work for so that you can come up with the perfect promotional campaign.

These are just some of the key things you need to think about before you start a campaign.

Promoting your business without the right structure to your business is not going to be successful. You need to decide who you want to work with and then target that exact person with your message.


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