How To Make Your Blog Successful: The Benefits Of Blogging

We all want to be successful in what we do – whether that’s in our business, a job we have, our personal life, our hobbies, our goals…whatever it is.

So when you decide to start a blog you want that to be successful too – right? – otherwise why would you be doing it?

The dictionary defines success as:

The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

So if you have a blog and you haven’t determined the purpose for the blog then how can you determine if it is successful or not?

Think about these things:

  1. Why are you writing a blog?
  2. Who are you writing it for?
  3. What are you hoping to achieve?

Unless you know the answer to these questions then really you have no ‘aim or purpose’ and so you can’t really determine if you are successful or not!

Successful Blog

How I Determine If A Blog Is Successful

When people start a blog they are often quite inpatient when waiting for results.

I know what it’s like, you write blog posts and you expect everyone to read them…love your stuff…and buy from you.

But really how often do we do that as consumers…unless we are looking for something/have a question.

And that is the secret in my opinion to a successful blog…write all the answers to the questions people are asking Google?

Think about the last time you wanted to know the answer something – what did you do?

You went straight to Google and typed in your question and then you waited for Google to show you some articles with the most relevant information that answered your question.

And where do you start? You start at the top of the page and you click on each link that appeals to you until you find the answer you are looking for.

Honestly it really is that simple. Answer Questions…and then just add a bit of effort and consistency into doing that…and bam! Your blog will start to become successful.

So to answer those questions…

  1. Why are you writing a blog? To answer my ideal customers questions
  2. Who are you writing it for? My ideal customers
  3. What are you hoping to achieve? World domination …oops ….I mean I am writing it to appear in search on Google when people are looking for answers to questions they have about my services

To be honest if you don’t do this then really you are just talking to yourself….as if no-one can find your blog posts you might as well not write them!

So what’s next? Are you going to get started with your blog?

Get in touch to find out how I can help you make your blog a success in your business and transform you into the go to person in your industry for the area(s) you service.


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