How To Get More Facebook Page Likes

How To Get More Facebook Likes

When we start our business and open up a Facebook page one of the first things we do is start inviting every person we ever knew to like our Facebook page. We just want to get more Facebook likes as we feel that will help us build our business.

Next, we go into Facebook Groups and ask everyone to like our page in return for a like back. A lot of groups run ‘like for like’ threads and you might get another 100 Facebook ‘Fans’ on your page.

The problem with this is that they are not necessarily going to use your business, in fact, in most cases they are never going to even consider your services. Some will live too far away, others will have no interest in the service you offer and some will even unfollow you as soon as they get a like back from you.

Asking people for likes can actually harm your reach when it comes to getting your content in front of those potential customers that might be interested in your services. If Facebook only shows your posts to 10% of your page, for example, wouldn’t you rather it showed those posts to people who love your service and may decide to use it based on your content, rather than show it to someone who has ZERO interest in your services.

Why Are Facebook Likes So Important To A Company?

I think a lot of the time with social media the number of followers we have can be something which we can become a little obsessed with. We look at our Facebook page and feel we are more successful if we have a large following.

There is no doubt that there is a certain amount of social proof with a large Facebook following. It can be perceived as a sign of a very successful business.

However, when I look at a page I only see it as successful if it’s

  • Active – regularly posting relevant content
  • The fans are engaging – commenting, liking and sharing posts

You might have 500 Facebook Fans and every one of them LOVES your stuff and reads and comments on everything you post. Whereas a large company could have tens of thousands of followers and never respond to comments or share anything other than promotional posts

How To Get More Facebook Likes The Right Way

Next time you are tempted to take part in a ‘like for like’ campaign, instead shout NO, run the other way and try some of the following tips. These are all things I teach in my Marketing Academy to help pet business owners get real fans (ones that might actually buy from you!)

Fill In Your Facebook Page Details

It always surprises me how many people don’t fill in all the details about their business on their Facebook Page. Every section needs to be completed to make sure you highlight the features and benefits of your business.

Link back to your website, add relevant articles and make sure you images are all professionally produced. Your Facebook page should be as professional looking as your website is. Although this is ‘rented land’ it’s still a representation of you and your brand.

Promote Facebook On Your Website

Don’t forget to link to your Facebook page from your website. Every company should have social media icons at the top and bottom of their website.

You should also have social share buttons on your website to make it easy for people to share your content directly from your website.

Note – if you are not going to be active on a certain social media platform then DO NOT link to it from your website. If I click on your Twitter link and you have not sent a tweet in 2 years then why have it there?

Post Regularly

Make sure you post regularly so that you can keep in touch with your fans. Try to come up with a schedule of what you are going to post and when. Also, make sure you post a variety of content.

Images, Fun Facts, Blog Posts, News, Tips, Stories and so on are all things your Facebook fans will love.

Watch What Your Fans Like

Use the insights on your Facebook Page to see what your customers like and what they share the most. Once you discover that then post more similar content.

It doesn’t have to be complicated – find out what they love and do more of that!

Stop Selling

You should never talk about your products more than 20% of the time. So if you post 10 times per day then 2 of those posts can be advertising your services.

Try to see your page as somewhere you can hang out with the people you want to help and spend time having fun with that.

Engage With Your Fans

Every time someone comments on your page you should reply back. Use your own name when you comment and make sure you personalise the reply. Make sure they know they are talking to a real person who cares about their comment and values their contribution.

You should spend most of your time engaging with your fans. This is where a scheduling software can help you as it can free up the time you need to spend time engaging.

Enjoy Your Page

Remember, this should be fun. It shouldn’t be a job that you dread. If you really don’t like Facebook then choose another platform to connect with your customers on.

How Can I Help?

If you want to learn more about Facebook and how to build a highly engaged page of fans that love what you put out each day then head over to my Marketing Academy and consider joining today. It’s a self-taught course with everything you need to build your business.

Full support is available via my Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions any time you like.



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