How A Pet Sitter Can Create 5 Pieces of Content From One Blog Post

You have just written the perfect blog post and now you are considering what to write about for your next one. But have you ever thought about getting more out of a blog post than just that one blog post.
We are in the business of creating content for our websites, but are we squeezing everything we can out of each of our blogs posts? I am guessing we are not.

So How Can You Create 5 Pieces Of Content From One Blog Post.

For this example I am going to assume you have written a blog post titled ‘5 Reasons To Hire A Pet Sitter’


#1. Create an Infographic

You can create these really easily now on so there is no excuse. Get one of the templates and create a list of the 5 reasons with some cute pictures. Make sure you brand it with your logo and company colours.

Infographics are really shareable and work great on Facebook and Pinterest. It’s something you have for years that you can now keep on sharing!

#2. Create a series of 5 Facebook Images

Make a cute image for each point and overlay the reason to hire a pet sitter onto each one. Every time you share those images you can link to your blog title.

Make sure they are eye catching, sized correctly for the platform and the image is linked to the reason. For example if one of the reasons is no travel to the kennels – then why not have a picture of a dog lying on the couch.

#3. Create 5 blog posts  – one for each reason, exploring them more indepth

Get really deep into each of the reasons on a blog post. So if you have a reason that talks about convenience, then get into why a Pet Sitter is more convenient and dedicate an entire blog post to it.

Make sure to link back to the other posts you create and reference them in the text.

#4. Create an audio of the content

You don’t have to be a full blown podcaster to create audio content. Why not just create a audio of you talking about the blog. Let people listen to it on the move.

Make sure you embed that onto your website.

#5. Create a video

No-one likes creating video (I know I don’t) But it is a great way to connect with your audience. You don’t need to be a pro, you just need to relate to your audience.

Get on periscope, upload to youtube, do a blab, record it on your iphone – it doesn’t matter, just get it out there.

What Action Are You Going To Take To Create More Content?


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