How Long Should A Blog Post Be?

How long blog post be

If you are thinking of starting a blog then you might be wondering how long should a blog post be. It’s a valid question and one that I don’t think there is a definitive answer to, but I do think there are some guidelines that you can follow as a business blogger.

When we look at celebrity bloggers, fashion bloggers and news blogs you will see that a lot of their blog posts are very short. They are full of pictures, sensational headlines, and spammy adverts.

Based on the amount of reach that they get it can be tempting to follow this type of format.

But these types of articles are not what we, as a business owner, should be putting out.

We should be focusing on helping, informing and educating our readers – and positioning ourselves as someone they can get to know, like and trust.

How Long Should A Blog Post Be?

#1. Your Blog Post Needs To Offer Value

Every blog post you write should be aimed at offering value to your ideal customer. If there is no value to potential customers then there is no reason for them to read your article.

  • Is it something that your ideal customer has an interest in?
  • How much information do you need to write to give them what they need?
  • Does it position you as someone who is knowledgeable about the subject you are writing about?

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#2. Should Answer Questions

If you do your research about the types of questions your customers are asking then the information they are looking for will determine the length of your article.

For example, if your customers are asking why does my dog dig and you research all the other questions they are asking around this subject then once the questions are answered your job is done.

Keep to the point of what your customers want to know and this can help guide you when it comes to content length.

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#3. Keep Your Blog Interesting

There is no reason to write 10,000 words if 500 will be enough. Nobody has time to read a war and peace version of whatever you are talking about.

Most people read blogs on their mobile phone in-between other things they are doing so it’s important you get to the point of what you want to say quickly.

Don’t be afraid to expand though if the subject requires an in-depth explanation – if it needs to be said then add it to the article and if it’s just waffle cut it!

As a general guide I try to make mine a minimum of 500 words – with more indepth pet subject reaching 1000-1500 words.

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How long are the articles you write? Do you feel you are offering value and being a go-to resource?

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