How Long Does It Take For Blogging To Work?

How Long Is a Piece of String? The answer is it varies. Which is the same answer I would give if you asked me how long it will take for your blog to ‘work’.

There are so many factors that contribute to the success or failure of a blog, that it would be hard to give a specific time frame of when you can expect to see results.

Also, you need to think what you define a blog working as. Are you looking for more traffic, are you directly measuring the number of customers that come from blogging or are you just looking to educate people.

What is it that you want from your blog?

To me success is that people are reading my blog. Once I can get people to engage with my content I start to gain credibility with those readers. Then in turn when they are looking for a service provider I would hope that they would consider me.

I would take some time to consider the purpose of your blog, so that then you can determine if it is working for you. Here are some things to consider.

5 Factors To Consider When Starting A Blog

Blogging Time To work

#1. How often are you going to blog?

This can very much depend on how much time you have and if you want to hire someone to assist you. I believe you should start blogging yourself and find your voice before you hire someone to blog for you. You need to learn the skills yourself before you hand this job to someone else. Once a week would be ideal for a blog post – more if you have time!

#2. Are you writing for your ideal customer?

Get clear about who your ideal customers are so you can write for them. What are their problems, their interests and their concerns? If you get this right then they will love what you write and want more of it.

#3. How are you promoting your blog?

Don’t think you can write a blog and that’s it. You need to promote it non stop to get the most eyes on it! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram…you need to promote those blog posts everywhere!

#4. Are you writing newsworthy and interesting posts?

Don’t send your readers to sleep. Keep your posts fun, brief and to the point. No-one wants to read long boring posts – remember readers choose to read your content, so make the choice easy for them.

#5. Are you tracking which blogs are successful?

If something works….keep doing it. How simple is that! Find what works and do more of that. If people love your posts about cat litter then write more of them. Use your Google Analytics to get to the bottom of which posts bring in the most traffic to your site.

So tell me – what does your blog do for your business?

Are you a regular blogger or do you need help?


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