How Do You Build An Email List For Your Business?

As I talked about last week, email marketing is not to be ignored. An email list is important for your business and something that with a small amount of effort you can reap substantial rewards from.

But you do need to continually be building your list of subscribers so you can market your amazing content to them. So how do you do this? Well there are lots of ways to build an email list, some free and some paid.

There are a couple of rules though regarding email marketing before we get started.

  1. Never add people to your list without their permission
  2. Don’t use your regular email provider to send emails to your list. Use something like Mailchimp or Aweber

5 Ways to Build An Email List (of potential customers)

#1. Add a sign up form to your website.

Lots of people place a sign up form on their website that asks people if they want to sign up to their newsletter. Generally people put them in the side bar of their website in the hope that people will opt in to receive ‘news’ from them.

For this to be effective you need to be promoting it a lot and also be consistently producing quality content that people want to get delivered to their inbox every week. It’s probably not the easiest way to build your email list unless you are a very well established website. However I still recommend putting it there to give people the option to sign up.

Email List

#2. Offer a Freebie

It’s common to offer something to your potential customer something free that would be of use to them. This is something that you reader will value and be prepared to hand over their email address for.

For example, an ebook, a training series, a video training, a coupon etc.

It needs to be something that is useful to them, not a promotion of your services/business. Promotional information about your business should be available without the need to give an email address for it.

#3. Run a Competition

People love to win things and will give their email address to enter competitions. It’s important though if you use this method that you make sure your competition is targeting your ideal customer.

If you do a competition to win an Ipad you will get 1000’s of entries, but it is highly unlikely that they will be your ideal customers. The prize needs to be very closely related to something your ideal customer would love, for example something pet related. Don’t be tempted to go for more entries over quality entries.

Also be prepared to promote your competition. For a complete guide to running the most awesome pet competition sign up here

#4. Use the Sign Up Button on Facebook

Every business Facebook page gets the opportunity to add a Call To Action button on their Facebook Page (see below highlighted in Blue)

Facebook Banner

Instead of using the contact us button why not change it to get people to sign up to something free. See below for the Pawsome Media Facebook page where I am giving away a free Ebook for people to sign up for.

Pawsome Facebook Banner

 #5. Use A Lead Gen Ad on Facebook

I am a big fan of Facebook Ads, but the new Lead Gen Ads are working very well for for sign ups to my current Ebook. It’s a very quick way get people to sign up as the sign up form is actually within Facebook, so users don’t have to wait for a website page to load. Also, their name, email address and phone number is already filled out from their Facebook Profile information.

The downside to these is that you retrieve all your email addresses within facebook and then have to manually add them to your email software. But for me this quick task every day is worth it for the cheap sign ups and easy way to build my list. And if you don’t have time to do it every day – hire someone!

You can learn more about Facebook Lead Gen Ads in this months Email Marketing Module in the Pawsome Marketing Academy. Sign Up Here

There are lots of other ways to build your email list – so what are you waiting for?


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