How To Market Your Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Business When You Are Hiring

Marketing Hiring

You used to be able to post on social media that you were hiring and you received all the applications you needed and hired a team of people to work for you.

Or maybe you didn’t even have to do that – perhaps people approached you without needing to see an advert.

Now things are a little different and we all need to work a bit harder to get in front of the people who we want to work for us.

Instead of a posting a list of demands for your new hire, like hours they need to work, holidays they must cover, availability they must have etc.) you need to sell yourself to your potential hires by marketing to them.

Yes marketing!

How To Market Your Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Business When You Are Hiring

Below are some things to consider when you are putting together your hiring advert to make sure you appeal to the perfect candidates.

#1. Treat Hiring Like You Are Selling Your Services

When we want more Pet Sitting and Dog Walking clients we put effort into marketing to those people. We tell them all about what we do, how we do it and how we would make the perfect person to take care of their pets.

We craft cleverly worded sales pages, we write enticing sales posts on social media and we make sure people know about our business and how great it is.

So when it comes to hiring you need to do the same. You need to show people why they would want to work for you, what makes your business the most amazing to work for and how you can make working for you a great experience.

You need to sell yourself to the people you want to work for you so that they read your post and think WOW I want to work for those guys…that sounds perfect for me.

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#2. Show What You Have To Offer

When you speak to a potential customer you tell them what you offer, the awards you have won for your amazing service and how you can provide the best care for their pets.

Well hiring should be no different. When you write your hiring ad you need to give potential hires a reason to work for you.

  • What does your business have to offer them?
  • Have you won awards which would make them proud to work for you?
  • Do you have flexible working hours – so they get regular days off?
  • Have you been in business a long time?
  • What’s in it for them – other than getting paid?

The job needs to be a win win for both you and them otherwise people will quit very quickly.

#3. Make It Desirable

People aren’t looking to trade their time for money anymore. Instead they want to feel appreciated in their job, part of a team, that their job is important.

So, what can you offer your potential hires:

  • Maybe you offer extensive training?
  • How do you make new hires feel part of the team – what fun activities do you do with your staff?
  • Perhaps there is room for advancement to more senior roles?
  • Could they get involved in marketing your business?
  • Do you offer performance incentives?

We have the opportunity to offer people something much more than trading time for money and that’s something your marketing needs to convey to people.

I’d love to hear how you are marking your business to attract new hires. Let me know in the comments below.

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