Do I Need To Hire A Professional To Do My Social Media?

I’m a huge fan of getting help with things that you are not good at. I have an accountant because that’s not my thing, I have a coach who helps me with my business vision and to talk through my ideas, I have someone who helps with my Pet Sitting Business Blogs and I hire 2 people to work on my ad campaigns for me.

It takes a lot of people to build a business and you can’t possibly have all the skills to do everything yourself well. And that’s the key “to do it well”

Of course you can do things yourself, but sometimes to do things well means you need to hire someone who has the time to focus on the task in hand.


If you want it done right hire an expert right? I mean you wouldn’t start trying to take your TV apart to fix it would you? I hope not!!

Having said that – Do I think you need to hire a professional to do your social media? Absolutely NOT!

The only person that should be doing your social media is you.

And when I say you should be doing it – then I mean you should be doing the following

  • Creating Blogs – Hire someone and give them the titles, the style you want and the length. We can help you with that today!
  • Creating Images – Absolutely get someone to do these, just make sure they are branded and align with your business message. We’ve got images you can order today!
  • Posting – You should be using a tool like Edgar for this.
  • Daily Commenting and Interacting – this should be you. It needs to be your voice and your relationship. Set 20 mins aside in the day morning, lunch and evening to comment on posts, interact with people and look for new people to chat with.

If you don’t know what to post and when, then absolutely look for some help (I can help you with that!). Someone who can help you with ideas, features, contests, promotions – all the things that make a good social campaign.

But don’t pay someone to post on Social Media for you. With the amount of automation available today I don’t believe there is a need to.

If you haven’t read my blog post on Edgar then go ahead and read it now! That will change the way you look at social media for merely $50 per month.

Let me know what you think – is this a plan you could work with? Can you see yourself hiring these types of people to help build you the business you want?


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