Getting Blog Title Ideas From A Blog Topic Generator

I get asked all the time what should my blog title be and what should I write about. It’s just something that we can all struggle with when it comes to blogging.

In my recent article I talked about the Big 5 titles you need to write for your customers, to really address those burning issues that they have. There are not many people who are really prepared to do that, but I promise you they are the ones that will help you get found on Google.

But sometimes we can just struggle to come up with anything to blog about. It’s like your mind goes blank and suddenly you have nothing to say.

Here is a reminder of 2 ways to find titles that I have already talked about, and then a more fun Blog Title Generator that you can play around with on those days when no titles will come to you 🙂


Blog Post Structure

How To Determine Your Blog Titles

#1. Be inspired by the questions people ask you.

Your customers ask you questions all day long and they are the best source of blog titles.

Some of the places you will find these questions are:

  1. On submitted contact forms
  2. During phone conversations
  3. While chatting to customers at Meet and Greets
  4. Questions people ask your staff
  5. Questions people ask you at networking events.

#2 The Big 5 must answer questions

Answering customer questions is key. We need to be transparent in our business and make sure that people understand how our business works, the service we offer, what our policies are, how much we cost, how we compare to other services and who else is offering similar services.

People expect this level of transparency in business and those businesses who don’t do it will fall behind those that do.

Read the following article to really get to grips with what you need to write about and if you need a coaching session to talk through it then get in touch.

#3 Use a Blog Topic Generator

This is probably the most entertaining and fun way to find titles and topics. I am not for a second suggesting you write them exactly as the website gives them to you, but I have been inspired by a few titles they have suggested.

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator gave me the following titles when I entered in Dog Walker.

Some of these are good – they might need a tweak to make them more searchable, but they definitely offer some inspiration.

Dog Walker


SEO Pressor gave me the following titles when I entered in Pet Sitting.

These were not quite as good as hubspot, but they still generated some ideas for me.

Pet Sitting

Titles are so important when it comes to getting found in search on Google. I have mentioned it so many times, but Google does not get smart or witty. It just wants to know what you are writing about and if it matches the search someone enters into Google.

They want to give their customers the best information they can and so it’s your job to help them with that.

Let me know how you get on with your blog titles and if the Blog topic generator works for you.


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