7 Ways To Get More Social Media Followers For Your Pet Business

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People always ask me 2 questions when it comes to their social media.

  1. How can they get more followers
  2. How can they get more people to interact and buy from them

And in this blog post I am going to give you some tips on how to increase your social media following.

But, I think it’s worth mentioning that rather than always focusing on getting new followers have you thought about how you are treating those followers you already have. Are you chatting to them, sharing quality content with them and giving them a reason to continue following you?

Hopefully the answer is yes – but if not then it might be worth looking at what you are currently doing and coming up with a Marketing Plan to increase engagement with your current followers.

7 Ways To Get More Social Media Followers For Your Pet Business

If you are getting good engagement and you are ready to add more followers then here are 7 things you can do straight away to increase your following.

#1. Promote your social channels on your website and your blog

Are you promoting your social media channels on your website? Is is clear where people can go and follow you on social media and which channels you are active on?

Make sure your social media links are clear to see on your website and also make sure you have social share buttons on your blog so that it is easy for people to share your content onto their own social media.

#2. Invite your customer email list to follow you

If you have a list of customer emails then why not let them know which social media channels you are active on.

Give them a reason to follow you – maybe you have an upcoming competition or a challenge that you want to invite them to take part in.

Remember people do need a reason to follow you – it’s not just enough to say follow us without some incentive to do so. And fun, engaging content is a great reason to get people to join you on social media.

#3. Promote on your other channels

If you are very active and have a big following on Facebook then why not invite those people to join you over on Instagram. Lots of people use more than one social media channel personally and so would be happy to follow you on both.

This is why it’s so important to vary your content from one platform to another. I don’t want to follow you on FB and Insta only to find you posting the same content every day.

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#4. Run ads to your social media channels

It’s possible to run ads on Facebook to get people to like your business page. A small budget for this can help you revive a neglected page.

Make sure you are creating awesome content while you run this ad – if people follow you and the content isn’t great they will unfollow you.

You need to work at keeping your followers – think about why you follow different business accounts and why you unfollow them!

#5. Create more shareable content

If your content is shareable then more people will see it because people will share it with their friends and family.

One post could get shared 100’s of times – expanding your audience for you.

This is why fun and engaging content is so important.

#6. Promote weekly in your newsletter

Everyone needs a weekly newsletter for their business to keep you top of mind when people need your services. And a newsletter is a great opportunity to remind people to follow you on social and let them know why.

For example, why not follow us over on Facebook where we will be running a fun Halloween contest.

#7. Add your social media to your email signature

We send lots of emails out every day. Whether that is personally or via a booking/ordering system.

So make sure they all promote your social media channels.

Existing customers make great social media fans – as they already LOVE you!!

Which ones are you going to try first? Let me know in the comments below

And if you need help with your marketing then check out my Marketing Planner


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