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The Exact Techniques I Use To Keep Growing My Pet Business

Warning this is ONLY for you if you’re ready to get more business NOW!

I’m Kate McQuillan and in this course I’m sharing the exact steps I take to keep GROWING my Pet Business and attracting new clients every day WITHOUT worrying about cash flow and sales.

  • This course is about taking action to get yourself in front of customers and not just waiting for them to find you.
  • It’s not about spending hundreds on ads for your business.
  • It’s not about just posting on social media or blogging.
  • It’s about reaching out to customers and connecting with them so they want to book your services.

And it’s the exact training that gets our franchisees booking customers from day 1 and keeps them growing their successful businesses.


Who Is This For?

This is for you if you are

  • Really serious about growing your Pet Business this year
  • Tired of not getting enough enquiries for your services
  • Getting those enquiries but not converting them
  • You need better cash flow in your business
  • AND You want to actually put in some work to talk to people about what you do

This course would suit either a solo business owner or someone with staff or IC’s. It’s all about getting more customers.

What will I be covering?

  • How to find pet owners in your area that need your services and how to talk to them in a way that doesn’t make you feel like a used car sales person
  • How to use local content to your advantage to generate enquiries.
  • How to collaborate with other businesses to leverage their audience (with examples and email templates to reach out to them for interviews and collaboration opportunities)
  • How to create quick content that creates a buzz around your business (with examples)
  • How to get free PR for your business, including templates to email journalists and ideas to get PR for your business with relative ease.
  • How to talk to potential customers about your services including phone scripts and sample audio calls that you can listen to. (This will include sample calls for Pet Sitting, Dog Walking and Cat Sitting Enquiries)
  • Email templates you can customise for your services to send to customers at each stage of dealing with them. From enquiry to follow up.
  • How to track your customer enquiries and make sure you follow up with them, including tracking templates
  • Hot to make sure your website makes it easy for your potential customers to book you, with simple tweaks you can make straight away.
  • Traditional Ad methods that you might not have thought about trying.
  • How to make time to market your business and organise it around your day – so you don’t become a full time marketer!
  • With a template that you can follow to make sure you don’t miss anything.


To make sure you get the support you need you get lifetime access to a private FB Group to work through the plan with my help and ask any questions. This will be dedicated to Get Fully Booked Students so you have my full attention and support for as long as you need to work through the course.


What Makes This Course Different?

You will be able to hear exactly what we say to people on the phone. And get the scripts, email templates and tracker to do this for yourself.

You will learn the quick tactics we use to connect with other businesses, magazines and journalists to get featured in large publications.

You will see examples – this isn’t theory that you could try…it’s been tried and tested by myself and many of my 1 to 1 clients.

FACT – We don’t spend hours marketing our business or replying/talking to customers. We have scripts, systems and templates for most things and just repeat what works.

And you will get my help – it’s not just a case of buy the course and then you need to pay more money to work with me. I’m always available in the Private Facebook Group or on email to help you navigate through this and make sure you get the results that you want. So if it takes you 5 weeks to do it all  – great. But if it takes you a year  – that’s great too!

You just have to be prepared to do the work and invest the time in your business.


How Will The Course Be Delivered?

This isn’t a course just to learn a few random skills – it’s a complete plan to grow your business and the things you need to do. Along with scripts, audio recordings and templates.

It will be delivered via a combination of video training, audios and downloadable templates to use.

It’s a step by step approach so you know exactly what you are doing and of course you can also ask in the Facebook Group or email me anytime.


This is definitely my most comprehensive and detailed training course I have done to date and I am super excited to share it with you. 


Cost of the Course

$697 OR 2 Installments of $399

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