5 Places To Get Free Or Cheap Photos For Your Website

If you are not adding the most awesome images to your blog post and your social media channels then we need to chat! As I keep saying, images are so important to attract your ideal customers and make you stand out in a very busy online world.

Only recently I have seen 2 Facebook posts from people who got caught using images with they didn’t have permission to use. So it got me thinking – do people actually know where to get free or very cheap pictures from? Seemingly not everyone does!

So here we go….and if you have more that you are using then add them to the comments.

5 Places To Get Free Or Cheap Photos For Your Website

Free or cheap photos

#1 Your own Photos

Obviously these are free! AND they are also unique – meaning that you wont see them on any other websites. There is a big advantage to this obviously – BUT only if they are good photos. I have seen some shockers on people’s websites – so if in doubt about the quality of your own photos then don’t use them!

Hint – if they are out of focus, have dog poo in them, laundry in the background or a messy house – then don’t use them!

#2 Canva

Canva have a great selection of photos and you only pay $1 per photo for them. I like the resource, because it is handy when you are creating an image you can select a picture and checkout. The only thing with this is you can only use the image on that one picture – you don’t have the rights to use it again. So I guess it depends whether you think the image would be useful to have on your PC to use again.

#3. Pixabay

This has a great selection of free photos. I have used lots of these photos in blog posts – so do check them out. They are completely free for use on your own site, but not for commercial use. If you are an instagram user (and you use WordSwag to create images for instagram) you will know that you also get access to Pixabay through WordSwag – which is really handy.

#4. Dollar Photo Club

This is a great source for paid photos for $1. You do have to sign up with them, but you can do it on a monthly basis. They have brilliant pictures and the great thing is you can use them more than once in different material. So you could use them in your blog posts and then create twitter images out of them. You could even post them to instagram if you wanted to. So great value for money!

#5. Photodune

This is another paid site – but again only $1 for small photos. If you need something more high res then you can opt for the $5 photo. Again you can download and use the photos more than once. The only thing with this is I find you can be searching some time for the perfect picture – but they do have a good selection in there.

As you see most of the resources that I use for images are paid. I actually prefer to pay for a good quality photo than try and find a free one and worry about crediting the source and wondering if I really have the rights to use it.

Tell me! Where do you get your images from for your website?


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3 thoughts on “5 Places To Get Free Or Cheap Photos For Your Website

  1. Great article Kate!

    I recently started https://fancycrave.com/ as a side project a few months ago. The site consists of completely free stock photos all taken and edited by me. It’s basically a collection of images from my travels around South East Asia and South America (soon). My aim for these photos is to help designers and creative alike. People can use these images for whatever purpose they please.

    I keep things very simple. I list the photo, its tags, the author, and the download link.

    I hope you and others will find it valuable. If you see it fit, I’d be very grateful if you could add it to this list. Cheers!

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